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article imageOp-Ed: Death by choice Special

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Jan 8, 2012 in Lifestyle
Vancouver - Laura is dying by her own choice. She has followed a crooked philosophy of not accepting food of animal origin. Her choice is now food rich with seeds - no meat, no cheese, nothing cooked, just raw food. She also drinks a lot of fruit juices.
It's not a one time event that she got sick; she has had a history of problems with various diseases before. Who knew what she may have had until you see her with some problems on her face, the most exposed part of human body? There are various states of visible and changing allergy, and perhaps something mysterious she has been hiding deep under her skin. No-one really knew for how long and with what intensity with one exception of her husband who has shared the same nutrition routine when supporting Laura in what she has been doing. Two years ago he was first diagnosed with non-malignant form of leukemia. He rejected chemotherapy when relying on herbal medicine that has so far stopped his health problems.
Cutting fresh baked salmon.
Cutting fresh baked salmon.
Both of the folks have followed this New Age philosophy of rejecting any food of animal origin for years when explaining that animals suffer when killed and eaten afterwards. All vegan food is what's supposed to keep their life-line going but for how long? Milk went on the list of strict control a long time ago along, with eggs too that were products of animals. Thanksgiving parties with roast turkey or pieces of sausages fried in a campfire were restricted products even in the presence of others enjoying a variety of food at the same time. It's the same story with smoked, roasted and/or fried salmon that abound in the region of the Canadian North-West. Both of them have taken turns with some sort of illnesses, infections, allergies or colds.
Colourful drinks ready to go to the tables  Mexico City.
Colourful drinks ready to go to the tables, Mexico City.
Laura is now in one of Vancouver's hospitals whose staff plays an ever changing guessing game of what to serve her to eat every day. She has changed her look for the worse, with dominant eyes, a disproportional big and fading away face and the rest of the body.
Meat products on a special display in Maximus  warehouse outlet in Nadarzyn  Poland.
Meat products on a special display in Maximus, warehouse outlet in Nadarzyn, Poland.
One day, not a long time ago, something really unexpected happened. To the complete disbelief of some, she has recently asked for scrambled eggs to eat for breakfast - - but isn't it too late? Was this a warning signal from inside of her organism to reverse a deadly course? How much will her thinking change so that everything isn't lost? How powerful is this crooked philosophy that blurs people's vital signals to change something and get back to a life course?
Street vendor of fresh food in Guanajuato  Mexico.
Street vendor of fresh food in Guanajuato, Mexico.
No wonder that this philosophy has affected her way of thinking. For now she seems to have chosen slow death for her own request and for following someone else's stupid ideas whom Laura clearly looks to be devoted to. Will the awakening come at the right moment for her?, how many other people will choose death over life by blindly stepping into someone's crooked footsteps?
Fresh food made on the spot in Dutch way  European Festival  Burnaby  BC.
Fresh food made on the spot in Dutch way, European Festival, Burnaby, BC.
The name of the ill person was changed for the purpose of this article but the events and facts are true and still existing.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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