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article imageThe Big News...A Small Surprise

By Digital Journal Staff     Jul 21, 2000 in Technology
The single biggest piece of news concerned a brand new desktop product — the
Power Mac G4 Cube.
Like no desktop computer you’ve ever seen before, the G4 Cube is a
supercomputer engineered into an eight-inch cube, suspended in a stunning
crystal-clear enclosure.
Whisper-quiet, it has no fan but offers a slot-loading DVD-ROM drive with DVD-
Video playback, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, USB, 400-Mbps FireWire, a built-in 56K
V.90 modem, ATI RAGE 128 Pro graphics accelerator, AirPort support, a set of
stunning Apple-designed Harman Kardon stereo speakers, 64MB of SDRAM
(expandable to 1.5GB), a 20GB hard disk drive, and a 450-MHz PowerPC G4
processor with built-in Velocity Engine.
ALIGN=LEFT HSPACE=5>In short, the power of a supercomputer in a cube that takes
up less desktop
space than a standard piece of paper.
Amazingly, Apple engineers figured out how to cool this enormous G4 power
without a fan,
making this one of the quietest computers ever built. Running in virtual
silence, the G4 Cube doesn’t distract you from more important things — like
thinking. This also lets you appreciate the pristine audio quality of the pair
of Apple-designed Harman Kardon stereo speakers that bring hi-fidelity sound to
your movies, music and games.
The G4 Cube is also the first computer to come standard with the Apple Pro
Mouse, for perfect precision on almost any surface. The optical tracking engine
tracks movement 1500 times per second for pinpoint cursor control. It’s
ultrasensitive, too. In fact, the entire surface is a button, ergonomically
designed so you can rest your finger wherever it’s most comfortable. Since
they eliminated the mouse ball, you get a mouse that doesn’t skip, stick or
need cleaning.
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