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article imageA new XBox at E3 2012?

By Sean Fraser     Jan 7, 2012 in Technology
The video game industry is no stranger to Internet rumors, but according to some insiders, a rumor about a certain gaming console just might be true.
Every year, nerds, geeks, tech heads, and video game addicts flood the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, to catch a glimpse of the next year's hottest games, gadgets, and some scantily clad booth babes. However, this year's E3 buzz has already generated rumors of new consoles, including a new Xbox from Microsoft.
According to, tech site MCV online editor Ben Parfitt claims "unnamed sources" have revealed that Microsoft has plans to reveal what is being dubbed the Xbox 720 (naturally) at this year's E3. This will pit the debut of the new console against Nintendo's Wii U, their own new console. On top of all that, Sony is also rumored to be announcing the PS4.
MCV's article by Michael French claims that "third party publishing sources claim the firm (Microsoft) had signaled to partners that this will happen."
However, a article posted back in October claims that the new Xbox console is being dubbed "Xbox Next" and is in development, but the debut will not be ready until E3 2013. The article cites that Lionhead Studios, maker of the Fable series, is working on a new Fable game entitled "Fable Next", which confirms the name of the new console.
Rumors are usually just that, rumors. However in the gaming world, they tend to grow to become expectations held by the gaming community. We will have to wait until E3 to find out if we all will be shelling out hundreds of dollars for new consoles in the near future.
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