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article imageDNA company will test partner's undies to see if she is cheating

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 6, 2012 in Odd News
A company has devised a method to identify unfaithful partners. For a fee of $200, men may test their partner's underwear for traces of semen. Women may also test their partner's underwear for tell-tale traces of vaginal fluid.
The company, the Paternity Lab Center, provides DNA testing services. The company announced its new Infidelity DNA Testing service designed to overcome the problems that arise when a partner has the "horrible" feeling that his/her partner is cheating but is afraid to bring up the issue because of the risk of a backlash when the partner suspecting infidelity is unable to provide "100% non-disputable proof." According to Kip Charles of the Paternity Lab Center, “The process is real simple. Just provide us an article of clothing preferably underwear or panties and we will do the rest. We can identify if semen is present, make sure it’s viable for DNA extraction and then do a final comparison to make sure the DNA belongs to the correct person.”
Tashunda H. is one of the company's specialists who handles "very sensitive and confidential calls" from people who want to determine whether their partners have been cheating. He said: “Most of the men callers want to check for someone else's semen in their wife or girlfriends panties, but the women all want to know if female DNA is present in their husband or boyfriends underwear."
The company compares its charges ($200 for an infidelity test) to what one would pay a private investigator to follow a partner around to see if he or she is cheating. The company says many people pay thousands of dollars for private investigators, and extols the relative value of its service, saying that it provides indisputable evidence. Charles said: “There is just no legitimate reason or lie that a wife can come up with for having another man’s semen in her panties." notes, however, that many may "cringe at the sleaziness of the company's methods," but it claims it provides "indisputable evidence" of partner's infidelity.
The claim of the company's spokesman that “there is just no legitimate reason or lie that a wife can come up with for having another man’s semen in her panties," seems reasonable provided, as puts it, "there's no team of dastardly super-villains out there who get their jollies breaking into women's houses and ejaculating into their underpants.", however, notes some tactical and logistic difficulties that the company overlooks or otherwise leaves to its clients to deal with themselves. What if your cheating partner is using a condom? The company seems also to assume that cheating partners leave their "sexy-time underwear lying around," where they can easily be picked up and sent to the laboratory for tests. Then, of course, things can turn very awkward indeed if your partner catches you sneaking around with her underwear. is very critical of the infidelity DNA testing service and describes it as "incredibly creepy." The site says the service is the "most upsetting new service we've heard about in a long time." concludes: "if you're even thinking about stealing some of her underwear for DNA analysis, your relationship is probably in trouble. Actually, I think Infidelity DNA Testing does provide one useful service: breakup advice. If you are seriously considering working with them, you should break up. And this test is actually free!"
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