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Woman shoots intruder while on phone with 911 operator

By Owen Weldon     Jan 5, 2012 in World
Blanchard - A young mom in Oklahoma made the decision to protect her child by killing an intruder who tried to enter her home on New Year's Eve.
Sarah McKinley, a young Oklahoma mother, shot and killed an intruder in order to protect her 3-month-old baby. This occurred on New Year’s Eve, just a week after the child’s father was taken by cancer.
McKinley said that a man by the name of Justin Martin showed up on the day of her husband’s funeral. Martin said that he was a neighbor and just wanted to say hello to her. McKinley, 18, did not let Martin into her home, according to ABC.
Martin returned to her home on New Year’s Eve, armed with a 12-inch hunting knife. Martin also had an accomplice with him.
According to CBS, the two men tried to forcefully enter her home. McKinley created a barricade by pushing her couch in front of the door. However, that did not stop the men.
McKinley said that Martin just went door to door, trying to force himself in. She went onto say that she did not know if Martin had anything else in his hand besides the hunting knife. She said he may have had a hammer too because she believes he was hitting the door with it at some point.
According to KFOR, McKinley called 911 as she grabbed her shotgun and her son. She then went to a backroom, where she stayed for around 20 minutes listening to the men trying to force themselves into her home.
The 911 operator told her that she could not shoot at the men unless they entered her house. She said that as soon as the door opened, she shot Martin, who died. His accomplice, Dustin Louis Stewart, 29, took off running. Stewart eventually went to the Blanchard police and turned himself in.
The police in Blanchard say that they believe the young woman acted in self-defense. Dan Huff, Detective Supervisor, said that the laws in Oklahoma are very clear when it comes to home defense.
McKinley said that she thinks that Martin could have been stalking her. She said that a few suspicious things have taken place around her home, including two of her dogs who turned up dead.
McKinley said that it was a tough decision to make, but she said if her son wasn’t there, then she would not have made the decision to shoot.
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