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Catholic bishop admits fathering two children

By Owen Weldon     Jan 4, 2012 in World
A Roman Catholic archdiocese assistant bishop made the decision to resign because he has a secret family, which includes two teenagers.
On Wednesday Jan 4 the Vatican said that the Pope accepted the resignation of Gabino Zavala, an assistant bishop of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles.
According to MSNBC, the Vatican gave a brief announcement but did not say what the exact reason was for Zavala’s resignation. However, the Vatican did say that the Pope accepted the resignation under the norm in canon, which says that a bishop should resign if t he is ill or unfit to perform his duties.
According to NPR, a letter from Jose Gomez, the Los Angeles Archbishop, was sent to his parishioners. The letter gives details about Zavala’s resignation.
The letter was dated Jan 4, and Gomez states that he was informed that Zavala fathered two children who live with their mother. Gomez stated that Zavala told him about his secret family back in December.
According to Reuters, Gomez also said that Zavala will be living privately and since his letter of resignation was accepted, he has not been in ministry.
The letter also says that the mother and children were contacted by the Archdiocese, and offered provision of funding to assist with college costs. The letter goes on to to say that the family’s privacy will be respected and the identity of the family is not known to the public.
The resignation of Zavala is the latest headache for the diocese after paying out $660 million back in 2007 for cases that involved sexual abuse that occurred as far back as 1940.
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