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article imageOp-Ed: Scott Walker Doesn't Want Frankstein Recalling Him

By John Bichler     Jan 2, 2012 in Politics
Scott Walker cares about keeping his job, and he seems certain he will get recalled. Apparently his pastor father didn't teach him not to sue, because that is what Scott Walker is doing to make it harder to recall him.
Scott Walker wants the Government Accountability Board to verify all the names on the petitions to recall him. He has every right to demand that there isn't any duplicate or fake names on the petitions, and he is so passionate about this issue that he is suing the Government Accountability Board to make sure they check every name is real and that the name doesn't appear 80 times.
Will there be dishonest people signing the petitions, and did some dishonest people sign the petitions? Yes. Will those dishonest people be supporters of Scott Walker or supporters of the recall? The answer depends on what side you want to take.
When Scott Walker was running for governor, some of his aides posted pro-Walker comments on the Milwaukee Journal website, and, yes, the ones that got caught resigned. The ones that didn't get caught are being investigated by the District Attorney of Milwaukee. These tactics should raise some doubt to the honest tactics Scott Walker would use to retain his job.
And Scott Walker didn't campaign on the platform he was going to crush the union spirit in Wisconsin, either, he just did it and now is facing the backlash of his huge power grab. The union busting measure wasn't meant to save money, but more of a power grab to eliminate the lobbying power of the unions in Wisconsin.
Yes, property taxes won't go up in Wisconsin, thanks to Scott Walker, and this will be a major selling point when and if he faces a recall election.
Democrats in Wisconsin have given smokes for votes in the past, so they too have some issues when it comes to honesty. They haven't raised nearly the same amount of money that Scott Walker has, and will have to rely on voters to take their side when it comes to the evils of Scott Walker, and that will probably be a hard sell when Scott Walker can saturate the airwaves with his message. Money talks in politics, and Scott Walker has enough money to make sure everyone in the state knows what he thinks about himself. He might even bring out the brown bag lunches, again.
The real question is why the governor wants to pick through every signature, could it be that the longer it takes to set the recall election date, the longer he has to raise more money for his campaign? Scott Walker has raised about 7.6 million dollars since taking office in 2010, according to the Capital Times. This seems like enough money to make sure that he won't have a hard time winning the recall election.
It is hard to see the positives in such a polarizing governor. A governor that would cut funding to public schools so he could give tax breaks to business that might add a few jobs to the state. Don't we want workers that get the skills need to compete in a global economy, and are we okay with students going deeper in debt to pay for a public education?
Scott Walker has the backing of a lot of money, and special interest, but isn't it time that the power of the people be returned to the people and not corporate interest. The Founding Fathers had enough faith that the people could governor their states, and set it up so the people could do just that. Scott Walker hasn't put the interest of the people first in Wisconsin. Unless, you count saving a few dollars on your property tax bill the best thing to happen to you this year? What happens in a few years when his budget cuts cost you even more because the only jobs in Wisconsin are low paying and your house value hasn't gone anywhere but down? But why think about the future when you can enjoy the small tax break this year.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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