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article imageOp-Ed: The Orwellian American Right

By John Bichler     Jan 2, 2012 in Politics
It is easy to be biased to one political belief. It is also easy to see parallels between works of fiction and the political world. George Orwell created a masterpiece with "1984" that also warns the reader to the dangers of lies.
Oh, how easy it is use literature to make any point you want. A good example is David Limbaugh, the lawyer brother of Rush Limbaugh, who used "1984" to make his point that the Democrats are the modern version of Oscienia.
"!984" can be used to push the narrative of fear by the Republican Party against their foes the Democratic Party, but it is interesting to see the parallels between "1984" the modern day Republican Party.
The Republican Party is no fool when it comes to the Ministry of Love and a little thing called the Patriot Act--Big Brother is watching you, because you might be a terrorist if you don't think the same way Republicans think.
Republicans used fear to make us believe that deficits would kill job creation, but didn't mind deficits when Ronald Reagan was president. How many jobs were lost because of Reagan deficits? If you listen to Sean Hannity, you would believe his rewriting of Ronald Reagan's life to be the greatest job creator in the world, because Reagan cut taxes.
Who else but Republicans and the Tea Party can make us believe that teachers are socialist bent on benefiting from organized labor practices. Yes, labor unions are socialist because they seek to protect employees from labor practices that harm the employees. Teachers aren't overworked. Teachers are overpaid for part-time work. Teacher only work more hours than Congressmen and Congresswoman. Asking for donations doesn't count as hours worked.
The Republican Party used the Ministry of Peace to start a perpetual "War on Terrorism" that really has no clear enemy now that the main target Osama bin Laden is dead. We are still at war with someone, and the United States Congress just passed legislation that allows the president to use indefinite detention.
We dare not forget how the Republican Party used the Ministry of Truth to change how we get our news. The Republican Party would love us to believe that Democrats are filling our colleges with professors and major media outlets with that preach socialist ideas, but they just happen to forget to mention how Rupert Murdoch owns a large chunk of the media, a large enough chunk of the media to push his conservative propaganda. Rupert Murdoch owns major newspapers, television networks, and a book publish company. He owns just enough media to help push an agenda that is so biased that even the liberal media is drooling over how easy it is for Mr. Murdoch to control the masses.
Don't forget how well versed Mr. Murdoch is when it comes to doublespeak--"unbiased" and "fair and balanced" are slogans used by Fox News.If you say something enough, you just might believe it.
What about the popularity of talk radio? These programs are very popular at pushing an agenda that is anti-working class, but it is so full of doublespeak that the listener goes away angry or upset with the system. These programs play on our fears, and exploit them with a skill that would make Joesph Goebbels blush.
How about the Ministry of Plenty, did the Republican Party ever use it? Republicans like to use the term class warfare to make it seem crazy to think rich people should pay taxes. Poor people don't pay taxes, or so the argument is made, but every working person pays taxes, and it is almost impossible to work and not pay some kind of taxes. Everyone that buys gasoline or anything that has a sales tax on it pays taxes. Unless you are homeless and own nothing, then you probably don't pay taxes.
Yes, it is easy to make it sound like someone has more than you, but the whole point of capitalism is to make you desire more than you need. It is real easy to lie and say the rich pay an unfair share of the tax burden, but these major accounting firms in the United States don't cater to the lowest bidder. These accounting firms make their money find loopholes for major corporations and rich clients, not so they pay more taxes, but so they don't pay their fair share of taxes. Imagine if everyone could afford to hire these major accounting firms to do their taxes.
What is the truth? It is hard to believe that George Orwell would like both political parties in the United States. Both parties listen to the rich, and hand crumbs to the working class.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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