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article imageOp-Ed: Too soon to call North Korea's Kim Jong-un a dictator

By Katerina Nikolas     Dec 31, 2011 in World
It is far too premature to refer to Kim Jong-il's successor as a third-generation dictator, as Kim Jong-un has had no opportunity as yet to do any dictating. He remains thus far an unknown quantity for whom the only fitting label is "the great suet."
Prior to North Korea's official announcement of Kim-Jong un's appointment as supreme commander of the military, the country's National Defence Commission released this statement "We declare solemnly and confidently that the foolish politicians around the world, including the puppet group in South Korea, should not expect any change from us." (The Telegraph)Thus business as usual in the secretive state of North Korea where the populace remain under the dictate of the world's first communist dynasty, forced to endure the never ending prostration to a rule of cult personality. As yet though very little is known of the personality of the newest incumbent of power, who is as yet just a symbol controlled like the very puppets the nation denounces. The real power lies behind the throne, with the latest Kim appointed because he was named as father's successor in his will of Oct. 8.
Whilst some news reports are already referring to Kim Jong-un as the third-generation dictator of North Korea, it is far too premature to make this call as thus far he hasn't had the opportunity to do any dictating and may well not have the stomach for it. He may prefer to remain simply a token cult figure indulging in flattery and obsequies whilst the military powers simply prop him up as a token leader.
Western commentators, unsure of his personality or personal intentions are quick to draw attention to the physical attributes that make Kim stand out in a nation of uniformity where even the hair styles must conform to an official style list. Already labelled as 'fat boy' and 'the great suet,' who may prefer to indulge his appetite and play with his toys, rather than nuclear weapons, the label is entirely appropriate. Kim's girth distinguishes him from the thin physiques of his countrymen, the product of famine and starvation, with a whole generation stunted through malnutrition.
Although too early to call if Kim Jong-un will indeed develop into a dictator the best assessment I have seen thus far came from a commentator in the Telegraph who wrote "I would guess that he'll start off very strong, go missing for a few months whilst he raids the booze/hooker cupboards and then come back and try and figure out how to be a dictator."
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