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article imageNixon had gay affair with closest friend, new book claims Special

By Christine Mattice     Dec 29, 2011 in Politics
A new book claiming that former United States President Richard Nixon had a gay affair with his closest friend is causing a stir.
The book, Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of American's Most Troubled President, written by Don Fulsom, alleges that Niixon not only had a gay affair but that he also beat his wife and was a drunk. But by far the biggest, and most controversial, claim of this book is that Nixon was gay (or at least bi-sexual). Could this be true? After all, Nixon was a famous homophobe.
In addressing the issue of Nixon's stance on homosexuality, the gay news website Queerty reports:
NIxon was far from a lover of the gays: When a close aide to president Johnson was caught having sex with a former sailor in a YMCA bathroom, Nixon called the man 'ill' and added that such people 'cannot be in places of high trust.'
Yet, Fulsom's book purportedly claims Nixon was exactly what he seemed to abhor. Could Nixon have been hiding his own homosexuality by making these remarks? Although it is impossible to know for sure whether or not Nixon was gay, there is at least one man with an educated opinion. .
Dr. John Robert Greene, a presidential scholar and author of The Limits of Power: The Nixon and Ford Administrations is highly skeptical of Fulsom's assertions. In a telephone interview with this reporter, Greene said that in all of his research on Nixon--which included both examining documents as well as interviewing members of Nixon's administration--he "has never seen any hard evidence that Nixon was gay."
What is irrefutable is that Charles "Bebe" Rebozo, Nixon's rumored gay lover, was Nixon's closest friend. In fact, Greene stated that Rebozo was even closer to Nixon than his wife Pat had been. The two men even vacationed together (with and without Pat). But does this mean that Nixon was gay?
Greene doesn't think so.
Although there is no doubt that Fulsom had the ability to ferret out information on Nixon--he was, after all, a UPI White House Corespondent and claims to have spoken to many White House Staffers and examined government documents for his book--Greene believes that Fulsom developed his theory of Nixon being gay simply by himself and others observing the close friendship between the two men.
As Greene explained:
Suppose I'm gay. Suppose I beat my wife. Do I tape all my conversations in the White House?"
Good point. Here's another good point: the press release from MacMillan, publisher of NIxon's Darketst Secrets: The Inside Story of American's Most Troubled President, says that this book contains:
The intimate and possibly homosexual nature of Nixon's relationship with confidante Charles "Bebe" Rebozo, a banker with mob ties (emphasis mine)
In other words, it's possible that Fulsom's book doesn't actually claim that Nixon was gay but simply infers as much. In that case, the press is having a gay time remarking on Nixon's gayness.
Fulsom's book hits the stores at the end of January, so you can judge for yourself.
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