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article imageWhat are the worst sugary cereals?

By Elaine Findlay     Dec 28, 2011 in Food
An analysis of the 10 “worst” sugary cereals in the U.S. showed that Kellogg’s Froot Loops came in at number one with 41.1 percent sugar – in the UK, it is Kellogg’s Ricicles that have the highest sugar content.
Inspired by this news report from CBS highlighting the 10 “worst” sugary cereals in the US, an investigation was launched into the 10 worst sugary cereals available in the UK. The investigation took the form of an analysis of the sugar content of the 46 distinct varieties of children’s breakfast cereal available to order online from the Wal-Mart-owned Asda supermarket.
Asda has, thankfully, included nutritional details for the majority of the cereals advertised for sale on its website so the sugar content per 100g is readily available. The analysis involved looking at the detail for each distinct product (duplicates such as larger weight packets were ignored) and transferring appropriate data into an Excel spreadsheet. Data values selected included name of product, manufacturer, amount of sugar per 100g, amount of fat per 100g, price per 100g and main ingredient.
The breakfast cereal available in the UK from Asda that was shown to have the highest amount of sugar is Kellogg’s Ricicles with a staggering 40.0 percent of the sweet stuff. Made using rice, this breakfast cereal is also amongst the most expensive, retailing today at 59.6 pence per 100g.
Asda’s own-brand Frosted Flakes are number two on the list with 38.1 percent sugar, closely followed by Honey Monster Foods Choco Waffles with 38.0 percent. Kellogg’s strikes again at number four with its Frosties brand which contains 37 percent sugar.
Asda’s Choco Cornflakes and Choco Snaps jostle at positions five and six with just 0.9 percent difference between the two. Kellogg’s appears again at positions seven and eight with Honey Loops (36 percent) and Coco Pops (35.0 percent) respectively. Number nine goes to Honey Monster Foods with its Sugar Puffs (35 percent) and the number 10 spot goes back to Asda for its Choco Squares (33.3 percent).
The children’s breakfast cereal that appears to be the healthiest with respect to its sugar content is Asda’s Smart Price branded Crispy Rice with just 6.2 percent compared with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies (which it imitates) that hit the breakfast bowl with 10 percent sugar content.
Spreadsheet showing the worst and best 10 UK cereals for sugar content
Spreadsheet showing the worst and best 10 UK cereals for sugar content
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