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article imageSoap spectacular: The evil Dr Khan goes down in flames

By Alexander Baron     Dec 28, 2011 in Entertainment
In Boxing Day's 'EastEnders', the person responsible for tormenting Phil Mitchell was exposed, while the evil Dr Khan finally lost it and went out in a blaze of glory, well, a blaze anyway, falling through the floor of a burning house.
What does the New Year have in store for Britain's leading soaps?
This is of course a rhetorical question; the answer is obviously quite a lot. It is hardly surprising that with so many plots, twists and turns, EastEnders won the Christmas Day ratings war, but not by much. There was also a fire in Coronation Street, but only a small one as a despondent Becky, brooding over her failed marriage and watching her now ex-husband walk back into the arms of the scheming Tracy Barlow, set fire to her wedding photos then fell asleep as they burned first the waste paper basket and then her home. Fortunately she was rescued, but who will rescue Steve, and has he forgotten that Tracy murdered her last lover? Come to think of it, wasn't she only let out of prison on a technicality while awaiting a retrial?
There was a new delivery in the mythical town of Weatherfield when a heavily pregnant Katy, stepping in as the Virgin Mary at the school play went into premature labour, and the baby, Christened Joseph (Jesus would have been too much) was literally born in a stable, albeit a mock up one on a stage. Soon, her lover, dressed as a Christmas elf, was at her side, swearing his undying love, and just think, it was only a few weeks ago that she was playing second fiddle to his now dearly departed Great Dane.
Meanwhile there is romance afoot, and at least two of the encounters spell trouble. First, there is Tyrone who has hitched up with a psychotic police woman (aren't they all?) and she is proving to be a control freak. There is obviously something brewing on the horizon; it remains to be seen who of his friends will be her first target, but the lovely Tina is obviously the frontrunner.
Also, the chemistry between the wicked Frank and the very blonde always aspiring housewife Sally is about to smoulder and then burst into flames, but they are both of them playing a dangerous game. Frank is on bail for raping his former partner and lover, Carla. What if Sally points the finger at him? Or what if he decides she likes it rough too, even if she doesn't?
There is litttle happening in Emmerdale at the moment. Apart from the local vicar driving himself mad about the unconsummated affair between his wife and the local chef, and the attempted murder of bad guy Cain, and teen wastrel Amy putting up her baby for adoption, and the local lady garage owner telling her former lover that she has to conceive a saviour sibling for their desperately ill daughter, so they will have to do what they did in order to make the first one, with or without the approval of their respective lovers. Yeah, not a lot going on in Emmerdale, but it's only a small village, which brings us back to Walford.
Although he met a deservedly sticky end, the manipulative Dr Khan did redeem himself because he went into the fire to try to save his daughter. Who wasn't there. His first and third wife's final act of defiance was to send him to his death on a spurious errand of mercy, but at least he died like a man, albeit a madman. As one of the heroes of the fire was the not so Christian Christian, those with more devious minds might see this as another ploy by the homophile scriptwriters to get one over on those wicked homophobic Moslems, especially the lovely Amira, who even though he has disgraced and shamed her with her own family, desperately wants to start a new life with her estranged husband in Pakistan.
It remains to be seen why Syed would prefer his butch homosexual lover to her feminine charms, but as the saying goes, there's nowt queerer than folk, and as the Christmas ratings saw EastEnders average 9.9 million viewers to 9.3 million for Coronation Street, no one in Albert Square can afford to become complacent. Who's to say Yusef Khan's replacement won't be cut from the same cloth? It may be there is something in the Walford air that drives doctors mad; his predecessor blew herself to Kingdom Come after kidnapping one of her pregnant patients and trying to steal her baby, just like Linda Carty.
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