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article imageOfficial trailer for Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' released

By James Gormley     Dec 24, 2011 in Entertainment
The trailer for the film "Prometheus" is finally out, to the joy of science-fiction fans everywhere. Any resemblance to 1979's "Alien" is purely (non) coincidental.
Since almost everyone loves a back-story, these days called a prequel, the new trailer for director Ridley Scott’s 2012 movie “Prometheus” will most certainly not disappoint, despite efforts by Scott and the cast to distance this movie from its chronologically cinematic descendants — “Alien” (1979), “Aliens” (1986), “Alien 3” (1992) and “Alien Resurrection” (1997) — as even this teaser is fairly bursting at the seams with reminders of his original xenomorph-fest.
Not that any linkages to his 1970s mega-hit would be bad, of course, since not only had “Alien” already raked in worldwide gross sales of $185 million by 2004 but it and Scott’s 1982 futuristic nightmare, “Blade Runner,” were ranked, respectively, as the number 7 and number 1 best science-fiction movies of all time by Wired Magazine.
In addition to a healthy budget of $150-160 million, Scott is pulling out all of the stops on the actors as well, with several of the cast members having won or been nominated for multiple U.S., foreign and international acting awards: Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw); Michael Fassbender (David); Guy Pearce (Stannison); Idris Elba (Capt. Janek); Logan Marshall-Green (Holloway); and Charlize Theron (Meredith Vickers).
A monolithic figure towers over the explorers of a distant planet.
A monolithic figure towers over the explorers of a distant planet.
Photo by Kerry Brown/Twentieth Century Fox
Filmed in 3-D and slated for a June 8, 2012 release by News Corp’s Twentieth Century Fox, Scott and his cast have been keeping the details about the film under wraps. CBS News' Jessica Derschowitz wrote that, “What is known is that the film is about a team of scientists who travel to a distant planet searching for clues about the origin of mankind on Earth.”
Scott told The Wall Street Journal’s Barbara Chai that the movie shares a common thread with the eponymous mythological titan, called a “higher being” by Scott, who “challenges the gods” and is punished for stealing fire, which was mankind’s “first form of technology.”
“While actually the name of the humans' spaceship in the [movie], the name ‘Prometheus’ is used in a greater metaphorical sense,” notes Wikipedia. “The film will focus on the mythology within the ‘Alien’ universe. Set in the late-21st century, Prometheus will explore the advanced civilization of an extraterrestrial race responsible for the origins of modern humans on Earth, as well as the background of the alien creature which made its first appearance in the 1979 film.”
The pulse-pounding trailer for “Prometheus,” which clocks in just over one minute, is similar in frenetic pacing to the trailer for “Alien,” with similar title typography, the sound of a klaxon wailing again, and similarly accelerating, close-cut scene clips that almost (and perhaps) literally drip menace and unspeakable horror.
And speaking of things ghastly, in an interview in the film blog, Filmophilia, Scott speaks to the nature of the original movie: “The original Alien was a pretty savage engine. I’ve always said it was a C-movie done in an A-way.” For over 30 years, Scott has mostly stayed away from science fiction because he was hard-pressed to find a script with a “purity” that the original tale had.
Logan Marshall-Green  left  Noomi Rapace  and Michael Fassbender explore a planet in the darkest cor...
Logan Marshall-Green, left, Noomi Rapace, and Michael Fassbender explore a planet in the darkest corners of the universe.
Photo by Kerry Brown/Twentieth Century Fox
And while the movie is very cutting-edge with its use of computer-generated imagery (CGI, think “Avatar”), Scott told Barbara Chai that, “I’m a great believer in filming the real thing if you can and so I did a lot of building the real thing.” True to his word, Scott used the 59,000 Bond stage and others at Pinewood Studios in the U.K.
Although the original heroine from “Alien,” Sigourney Weaver’s character, Ripley, won’t be appearing in “Prometheus,” Weaver had this to say about it to IndieWire: “Ridley [Scott] and I talked about the idea of 'Prometheus' and I always thought that was the only story to tell ... So I think it’s great that [Scott] is doing it,” she said. “I’m very proud of our four movies and I wish him all the best with it.”
As do lovers of alien movies everywhere.
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