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article imageScientists say Shroud of Turin authentic, of supernatural origin

By Nancy Houser     Dec 23, 2011 in World
Turin - Italy's National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development published a final report last month on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, after five years of experiments and studies.
It was identified that the Shroud of Turin's image was created by an extremely powerful flash of light, so powerful that Luigi Garlaschelli, a professor of chemistry at Pavia University, described it as unearthly, "The implications are… that the image was formed by a burst of UV energy so intense it could only have been supernatural."
MSNBC provides an excellent article by one of the Enea researchers that states, "They don't go so far as to claim a miracle. But the fact that UV laser blasters didn't exist in the 13th century, let alone in Jesus' day, strongly implies that they suspect something out of the ordinary was going on.
"Making the assumption of a miracle is a really, really, really, really, really big assumption," said Joe Nickell in the MSNBC article, an investigator for the New York-based Center for Inquiry, who has been following Shroud science for decades. "That it's done in the name of science is just astonishing."
According to the Independent, and in case there was any doubt about the preternatural degree of energy needed to make such distinct marks, the Enea report spells it out: "This degree of power cannot be reproduced by any normal UV source built to date."
Five years of tests by the Enea demonstrates a low probability that the Shroud is a medieval fake, allowing it to be presented as a scientific challenge. The testing methods used were strips of modern-day linen and an ultraviolet apparatus. "The best method used depended on laser pulses that lasted less than 50 nanoseconds.
The Vatican Insider states that "The Enea report, with a lot of fair play and almost 'en passant,' very clearly refutes the hypothesis that the Shroud of Turin might be the work of a medieval forger." The fact the Shroud was thought to be a fake originated with Radiocarbon 14 Dating that was thought to provide conclusive evidence that the linen of the Shroud of Turin was medieval, with a 95% confidence level that the linen of the Shroud of Turin dated back to AD 1260 - 1390, no earlier. The life of Jesus was c. 6 B.C.E.–c. 30 C.E.
Today, the Shroud of 2000 reports that the Shroud of Turin is kept in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist at Turin, Italy. The last time it was brought out for public viewing was 2000; the next public exhibition will be in 2020. In 1307, over 15,000 Knights of Templar were arrested by the King of France as part of the French Inquisition, the Catholic Church's crusade against heresy. All were forced to confess under torture for worshiping a mysterious image.
Two primary leaders of the Templars who were burned at the stake were Jacques DeMolay and Geoffrey DeCharney. But in 1353, a descendant of Geoffrey DeCharney revealed in public for the very first time the Shroud of Turin.
Computer technology matched the blood locations on the Shroud of Turin allowed this 3D computer imag...
Computer technology matched the blood locations on the Shroud of Turin allowed this 3D computer image to be made. This video snapshot is of the hands of Jesus after he was removed from the cross.
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