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article imageVideo: Truck avoids head-on collision with car on slippery road

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 21, 2011 in Odd News
The video of how a truck narrowly avoided head-on collision with a car on an icy road goes viral with over 2 million YouTube hits. The truck narrowly avoided collision with the car while both were overtaking at the same time on a two-way road in Russia.
The video which was posted on YouTube last week shows a car with a camera mounted on its dashboard on a two-way road. The road is narrow but has crash barriers on both sides. The car driver tries to overtake a white van even though he does not have a clear vision ahead of him. But as soon as he pulls out to the other lane to overtake, we see a truck coming on the other side, also trying to overtake another truck.
The overtaking truck is rather unsteady on the slippery icy road and swerves dangerously, and as it tries to overtake it nearly crashes into the barrier. But incredibly the truck driver just manages in time to avoid running head-on into both the white van and the car whose driver had stopped in fright. The truck misses running into the car only very narrowly. It swerves past both the white van and the overtaking car.
Strangely, the driver of the car continues his journey after the near miss as though nothing had happened.
Daily Mail comments on the incident, saying it illustrates how drivers take "leave of their senses" while dashing home in Christmas spirit.
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