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article imageVideo: Cat soothing crying baby Connar to sleep goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 20, 2011 in Odd News
The video of a black cat soothing a Canadian baby to sleep has gone viral online. Baby Connar is shown in the YouTube clip crying and writhing until along comes black cat Stewie who manages to lull him to sleep with patient and gentle strokes on the head.
Baby Connar seemed not to appreciate Stewie's effort to comfort him at first. The baby waves his arms over his head and wriggles as if to say, "Hey, get your hands off me, moggy!" But the patient cat persists and soon Connar stops crying, and falls sound asleep.
After the cat had lulled the fretful baby to sleep, it paused to look at the camera. The cat's big bright yellow eyes, according to Daily Mail, seemed to say: "Hey, look what I did!"
The video was first uploaded in September by Connar's father Aaron Grant, 35, a Canadian, but did not attract any attention. But after it was featured on a video-sharing website it became an instant hit and has gone viral over the last few days.
YouTube viewers are amazed at the video because the cat appears to be acting with human intent. A viewer commented: “Can't you guys see the cat and the baby are telepathically having a conversation about how drinking milk rulez!! (sic).”
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