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article imageVideo: Gamer's Battlefield 3 stunt goes viral with 5 million hits

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 17, 2011 in Entertainment
A daring and extraordinarily skillful action by a video game player in Battlefield 3 goes viral with 5.2 million YouTube hits as people flock online to marvel at a recorded sequence showing the amazing expert skills of the player.
In the recorded sequence that is causing a stir among online video game players, a fighter pilot is chased by enemy plane. The pilot flies his plane upward in an arcing motion and suddenly ejects himself from the cockpit, and while outside his cockpit, he fires a rocket at the enemy from a launcher and then somehow manages to land back safely in his cockpit.
The Battlefield 3 video game player who performed this extraordinary stunt is known to his admirers simply as RendeZook, and his stunt in the Battlefield 3 video game has been touted as one of the greatest stunts ever pulled off successfully in video game history. RendeZook continues to acquire a growing flock of awestruck online admirers as viewers of his breathtaking skills on YouTube hit 5.2 million.
Daily Mail reports that one gamer Thomas Oslon, said: "It's hard enough to even kill anybody in BF3, let alone pull off insane manoeuvres like this. One time, I managed to drop a low-flying Apache with an unguided rocket, and I was pretty stoked about it for the rest of the night. I can't even imagine the exhilaration experienced from throwing down a move like this."
The Mirror reports another admirer marveling: "Dude, how the hell?!" Yet another exclaimed: “Can you hear it? Chuck Norris is standing somewhere and salutes this fella.”
The Battlefield 3 game is a popular action video game set in 2014. The game allows players from all over the world to fight each other online in a U.S. versus Russia combat with guns, tanks and fighter jets.
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