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article imageVideo: Deer rescued from middle of frozen lake in Canada

By Kim I. Hartman     Dec 15, 2011 in Environment
Kenora - It was all-hands-on-deck, or at least on the ice, recently when ice skaters in Canada spotted a deer that had become trapped after it had fallen on the frozen water at Black Sturgeon Lake in Kenora.
The team of skaters sprung into action after creating a harness from straps, a rope and a life jacket they managed to round-up.
Accompanied by a cameraman, the pair made their way across the frozen lake and looped the straps of the harness under the legs of the confused and obviously frightened deer.
They gently pulled the deer across the ice to the nearest shoreline, by which time it settled down. After a few minutes of coaxing the doe leaped to her feet and escaped into the adjoining woods.
As humans continue to encroach on areas where deer live an increase in video's posted on YouTube of deer encounters continues.
In California a deer made its way into a Dollar Tree store and hastily destroyed everything in its path before finding a way out. A Michigan police officer found himself an Internet star after rescuing a deer who became frozen in his tracks in the middle of a busy highway.
At the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium visitors were surprised to see a lost and confused deer leap a fence and take a dive into the seal tank. The unexpected splash was caught on videotape and uploaded to YouTube.
The Colonial Baptist Church in North Carolina was the scene of a chaotic situation when a deer entered the church building, and barreled through the house of worship as screaming kids darted out of its way. The action was caught by the churches closed-circuit television cameras and posted online where it has become an Internet hit.
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