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article imageOp-Ed: Scott Walker Has High Standards

By John Bichler     Dec 14, 2011 in Politics
The people who worked with Scott Walker at the county level are being offered immunity and taking it. Scott Walker is sticking to the facts he didn't do anything wrong. It is just the people he surrounded himself with that did something wrong.
The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, believes he did nothing wrong and isn't worried about the John Doe investigation that seems to be targeting the people who worked for him when he was county executive.
Governor Walker may not have done anything illegal, but the fact he hasn't been asked to testify doesn't look good for his case that he didn't do anything wrong.
How did this all begin? One person, Darlene Wink, was posting pro-Walker comments on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website while punched in and working for Milwaukee county. She resigned, but she is the reason Milwaukee County prosecutors opened the investigation.
What happens if there e-mails show Scott Walker told his staff to campaign for him while they were on the county clock? Will the voters of Wisconsin find anything out in time for a recall election this spring, if there is a recall election this spring for Scott Walker?
As a governor, Scott Walker has showed the he likes to do things his way and pushed through some tough reforms that angered a lot liberals in Wisconsin and lead to 14 state senators fleeing to Illinois to avoid having to vote on the union reform measures.
Governor Walker has the backing of rich donors that don't mind spending money on ads.
These ads paint the governor in a positive light. He also has the backing of a strong conservative following in Wisconsin. All these things seem to assure him a chance to serve out his term, if he isn't indited for something that happened when he was county executive.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said that Walker isn't worried about the investigation because he follows the high standards given to him by his parents, but did he follow those high standards when he laid off 26 security guards in 2009? He didn't give them a chance to make concession, he just laid them off. Yeah, and that move ended up costing the Milwaukee County because the county had to hire the security guards back and pay them back pay.
In his rush to do things his own way, Mr. Walker might claim he follows the high standards given to him by his parents, but sometimes his standards seem to be skewed. After all, he didn't punish Darlene Wink because he just allowed her to resign.
Governor Walker could continue a trend he started when he didn't finish college, and that is the trend of quitting and moving on to something better before his time is up. He has the history to back that up, because he also quit his job in Assembly and quit his job as Milwaukee County Executive, so maybe he will get offered a better job and quit his job as governor or and take his high standards somewhere else.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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