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article imageBag of chips and nothing for my horse

By Gar Swaffar     Dec 14, 2011 in Odd News
Steamboat Springs - I'll take a grande cappuccino and my horse would like an oatmeal cookie. Three riders go for snacks at Starbucks in a Safeway store.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado has a reputation to uphold and three riders on horses gave it their best attempt on Sunday, although it's just now making the news.
The three riders began their ride according to the Steamboat Pilot at Emerald Mountain, but when the ride took the three riders to a Starbuck's inside a Safeway store, and started a brawl at a pub, it proved a bit much for authorities to put up with. The three riders, Michael Miller, Roxanne Lange, and Kenneth Recker ran afoul of the law when buying a bag of chips at the Safeway, and no, there are no reports of Miller buying an oatmeal cookie for his horse.
After leaving the area atop Emerald Mountain, the trio took a meandering ride through Steamboat Springs in what turned out to be a horse powered pub crawl. They had made their way from Sunpie’s Bistro to Double Z Bar & BBQ, then to Old Town Pub and then the fateful trip to the Safeway store for chips. After the chip run they went to dinner at Torian Plum Plaza and on to The Tugboat Grill & Pub. After that it was the Old Town Pub again and a last visit at the Veterans of Foreign Wars bar, which they rode their horses through.
At one of the visits at the Old Town Pub, Miller apparently got into a an altercation at the Old Town Pub after Lange rode her horse into that bar.
That altercation eventually resulted in the arrest of Miller who spent the evening in the hoosegow before being released on a $750 bond.
The arrest included Miller refusing to dismount his horse at the orders of the Steamboat Springs police officers and then being tasered, at which time, Miller apparently became more amenable to either dismounting or simply fell off his horse.
Community service officer Scott Shaffer was quoted as stating, "The city’s municipal code has specific regulations for owning horses and riding them on equestrian trails, (although) there is no specific ordinance regulating horse ridership through the downtown area."
Barb Simms is a long time resident of Steamboat Springs and reminisced that thirty years ago, the incident would have been a more common event.
“It was what it was back then. People were riding horses all over the place, so why not ride it through a bar?”
The altercation resulting in Miller's arrest began when the staff at the Old Town Pub wouldn't return a beer Lange rode in with, at which point Miller tore the shirt off a man.
Lange is quoted as saying; “One thing led to another, and we just kept going,” Lange said. “It was super fun to be in a town where you can ride your horse to dinner. People just loved it. Little kids were petting the horses. It was just fun.”
Neither Lange or Recker were charged in the incident and are likely to have left the scene on horseback.
The video is from CBS Denver.
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