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article imageOverused business buzzwords that won't get you the job

By Joan Firstenberg     Dec 13, 2011 in Business
New York - Put words like "creative" or "effective" on your resume, and you probably won't be hired. The website Linkedin warns that these words are used so much that the hiring manager is likely to trash the resume altogether.
If you are selling yourself on your resume or in person for a job by using phrases like "creative" or "motivated", you can join the crowds of people around the world who are doing the very same thing. The professional online network, Linkedin has identified the most overused professional buzzwords. They are:
1. Creative
2. Organizational
3. Effective
4. Extensive Experience
5. Track Record
A few other annoying and overused resume buzzwords are problem-solving, innovative, communication skills, dynamic and interpersonal skills.
CTV reports that Danielle Restivo, a manager of corporate communications says the word, "creative" wasn't even on the list last year in Canada, but it now leads not only there, but also in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., and the United States.
Restivo says that once everyone uses the word creative, it starts to become diluted making it impossible for the individual to stand out. She suggests giving concrete descriptions of your accomplishments in your career in order to show your abilities.
"So, for example, if you're a sales professional, you achieved above your quota every quarter of the year. If you're a marketing professional, you created a really interesting program that really changed perceptions about the way people felt about a brand -- things like that that really set you apart."
The New York Daily News reports that Linkedin found that the annoying phrases from 2010, which included "team player," "results-oriented," "entrepreneurial" and "fast-paced", were replaced by "creative," "communications skills," "organizational" and "effective" in 2011.
Experts say all these words don't really mean much, and shouldn't be put on a resume. They also say that the same is true around the world, where slightly different words are used to create pointless business blather.
In Brazil, workers were bombarded with word “multinational,” while in India, employees were advised to be “effective.” Spaniards grew weary of hearing the word “managerial’ and the French felt bored after being repeatedly told to be more “dynamic.”
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