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article imageOp-Ed: Louis C.K.'s Live at Beacon Theater best $5 spent this year

By David Silverberg     Dec 10, 2011 in Entertainment
For $5, I watched the full streaming video recording of one of the funniest comedians in the world performing in New York in November. Louis C.K. Live at Beacon Theater is a present I truly enjoyed giving myself.
Starting today, Louis C.K. is allowing anyone to buy the streaming and downloadable video of an hour-long set he did recently at Beacon Theater for $5. It's an unusual move for a mainstream comedian, especially for a comedian and writer with his own TV show. But Louis C.K. made a decision to make his content affordable to fans. It's an act that may reward him handsomely as comedy lovers across the world take notice of this offer.
What motivated the all-star comedian to release a full set for a bargain? He wrote on his site: "I paid for the production and posting of this video with my own money. I would like to be able to post more material to the fans in this way, which makes it cheaper for the buyer and more pleasant for me."
Watching Live at Beacon Theater, I couldn't help but remember how Louis became famous. His comedy is dark and angry, baring the audience to what he finds most annoying about others. His work veers into crude at a moment's notice, but he never just drops anal-sex jokes to get a cheap laugh; he sharply probes what makes us human and flawed and, well, spoiled.
In his latest show (and what I assume his tour), Louis doesn't spare anyone. He goes after bully kids, Twitter fanatics, weak parents, Clifford the Big Red Dog and even his own children. His bit on how bored he became with his daughter's slow reading of Clifford books is priceless.
I found myself laughing out loud the most (a true lol) when Louis remembered the last time he smoked marijuana. I don't want to spoil the punchlines but let's just say he nailed everything perfectly, from the quick-witted story to the facial expression of a 44-year-old who toked way too much with way too many strangers.
Part of this comedian's charm is his surliness, and it comes through in how he looks at relationships. A divorced single dad, Louis doesn't take kindly to a guy's bravado in bed. Men are horrible at making love, he says. What follows is a scene of hilarious physical comedy I wouldn't dare even try to explain here.
Louis is on top of his game with Live at Beacon Theater, and anyone who wants a good long laugh (and can weather a few wincing pedophile jokes) should spend a mere $5 for an hour-long video of jokes you'll love remembering.
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