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New service plays ads on smartphones triggered by sound

By Stephanie Medeiros     Dec 9, 2011 in Technology
A digital agency in New York recently developed sound-triggered advertisements through smartphone apps for companies looking to monetize their ad campaigns even further.
What if your smartphone was triggered by a certain frequency of sound and relayed that response in a pop-up message or advertisement on your screen? While some might find it intrusive and possibly annoying, mobile app developer agency Densebrain wants to use their Sonic Notify technology to help drugstores, music venues, and television networks, according to AdWeek.
The idea of sound-triggered notifications sparked during a meeting with Proctor & Gamble, as the company was looking for new, innovative ways to stand out while a customer was standing in the aisle at a store. Densebrain simply utilized their previously made technology for bus routes to help Proctor & Gamble. From there, Sonic Notify has become yet another method for companies to help advertise their brand and monetize their mobile apps.
Engadget also highlighted that Sonic Notify is similar to Shopkick, which has been used by companies such as Best Buy, Old Navy, Target, and Toys 'R Us. Shopkick also emits inaudible frequencies which are then translated as in-store deal notifications on the phone. So, the technology has been around, but, might be becoming a bit more mainstream soon.
To make sure users aren't constantly bombarded by notifications, they can opt out and the notifications only work when the app using the service is currently being used. However, forgetful users who might keep apps running in the background might have to be careful if they don't want to experience advertising fatigue.
Densebrain sees potential in the technology beyond advertising, too. As previously stated, Sonic Notify was used in their bus tracking technology and Densebrain was quoted as saying important messages could be relayed through Sonic Notify to users and be more of a helpful tool rather than another advertising stream. One example is pharmacy reminders.
Sonic Notify's technology works through a high-frequency sound (inaudible to people) which is emitted by a small device which is installed in the store, bus stop, or wherever. The smartphone, once close enough to the frequency, will pick it up and then trigger the notification immediately.
Discovering new ways to interact with users through their smartphone has been an on-going initiative by agencies, companies, and marketers across the board. It has also been a source for creative types to build buzz about their next project, as seen by Bluebrain on The Next Web. The band made their songs sync up with locations in Washington D.C. through geo-locating functions found in most smartphones and Wi-Fi.
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