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article imageOp-Ed: Polar bears eating polar bears, what's new?

By Gar Swaffar     Dec 9, 2011 in Environment
Anthropocentric climate change proponents suggest polar bear cannibalism is increasing due to the lack of sea ice formation and the humans causing the warming.
MSNBC is again showing its agenda driven proficiency to suggest that three (3) recorded instances of cannibalism by polar bears this year proves Anthropocentric Global Warming.
Three incidents during the summer and early autumn form the foundation of the premise of increased cannibalism by a researcher, Ian Sterling. The headline: "Polar bear cannibalism: More to come in a warmer Arctic?" really sets the tenor of the article and lends itself to blaming climate change for that which the Inuits are quoted as stating in the video that it's the sort of thing they "hear from hunters is happening all the time"
and also, "The photos are being blown out of proportion"
The lead sentence in the article even makes the case against the premise of the 'story' Adult male polar bears preying on cubs and even females has long been observed,
While the researcher, and the photographer who recorded a single incident, make a good attempt to offer a relatively balanced statement, MSNBC takes the opportunity to use the meager information to suggest that continued warming will increase the loss of polar bears in the Arctic, which somewhat belies the statement made by Sterling: Because few earlier observations of polar bears on summer sea ice have been made, such cannibalism "may be relatively normal and possibly occurs more frequently than has previously been thought,"
But then the story digresses to a vilification of climate change, with a focus provided by a secondary link in the article to a report from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) which does blame anthropocentric causation for the climate change.
It seems that no matter what happens, only one conclusion is capable of being arrived at. It's all man's fault, it's all America's fault, (let's not mention China's massive coal fired electrical generation production) and the only solution is to halt all growth, halt all growth and then to also halt all growth (redundancy is on purpose).
It's only an opinion, but the never ending diatribe against all which has brought us as a species, from hunter gatherers, to our current status of being capable of considering more than what we might be able to find to eat tomorrow is wearing thin. The diatribe also sounds more like an implied non-survival whining, than a plan to find a solution to what many of us will suggest is a solar induced cycle we need to learn how to deal with.
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