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Op-Ed: 17-year-old wakes sleeping bus driver to prevent tragic accident

By Christopher Bates     Dec 9, 2011 in Odd News
Tacoma - Emmanuel Williams, a 17-year-old student from Mount Tahoma High School, Washington, deserves a medal after quickly waking his school bus driver, having most likely prevented a horrific accident.
The incident, which was captured on the CCTV, occurred on Monday afternoon.
Emmanuel noticed that the driver had nodded off, causing the bus to swerve. He quickly leapt up from his seat to wake the drowsy driver.
"I was looking at him and his eyes would close, and when we'd get to a turn, he'd look both ways, start driving again, and they would close more and more,” explained Emmanuel in an interview with KOMO-TV.
"And as soon as I see his head go down, and I see the bus go back to the freeway, I hop up, get to the front of the bus as fast as I can. Something would have happened if I didn't get up.
"I know that there would have been a big huge thing going on because he would have crashed and it would have been a whole lot more than what it is now."
The 65-year-old bus driver was responsible for at least 25 students, and has always been know for his impeccable driving record, having worked for Durham School Services, the district's bus provider, for eight years.
Representing Tacoma Public Schools, Dan Voelpel told KOMO-TV: “Certainly, safety is very important to us and to the families involved, and we want to get to the bottom of it and make sure nothing like this happens again. It’s unusual. It’s not something we’ve dealt with before.”
School officials are looking into any health conditions the driver may have, as well as any medications he may be taking. In the meantime, he is currently on paid administrative leave.
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