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article imageOp-Ed: MythBusters: Cannonball diplomacy begins

By Gar Swaffar     Dec 8, 2011 in Entertainment
Dublin - The MythBusters on-air personalities have gone to the home of the family which was breached by an errant cannonball yesterday. Diplomacy and tact may determine the outcome of the incident.
MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have engaged in a form of cannonball diplomacy today, apparently to offer their apologies for the errant cannonball which ripped through a home, bounced off of another home and then landed in a minivan as reported at Digital Journal yesterday
It is reported that the two on air personalities and myth researchers were not at the bomb range when the errant cannonball was sent on its destructive path. The cannon in use yesterday was a homemade unit which was being "calibrated" by their crew. For a homemade cannon, it appears to have been rather well made, since the home which was first struck was 1000 yards (915 meters) from the site being used at the bomb range.
Savage and Hyneman are both residents of the Bay Area which is East of San Francisco/Oakland and they went to the Shetty families home to apologize for the incident in person. It was disclosed that Mrs. Shetty and her infant son were asleep in the bedroom through which the cannonball exited their home, before the projectile crossed a busy street, and then continued its wayward path to a rendezvous with a minivan.
The myth being researched or debunked involved the principle of whether or not a stone cannonball would be able to breach a castle wall made of stone. Adam Savage noted: "When you start to look into the data of what cannons can actually do, it's actually quite shocking," he said. "They're very efficient projectile-hurling weapons. It's a lot of power, and the power got away from us."
I'm sure the Shetty family would agree with him.
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