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article imageOp-Ed: Gift giving guide this holiday season to the in-laws

By Genevieve Julich     Dec 8, 2011 in Entertainment
You have looked at your list and checked it twice. Whether you're just dating, engaged, or married, your partner's parents are the hardest people to find the perfect gift. Here's a guide for finding that perfect gift at whatever price you're looking for.
Whether you know them well or are just getting to know them you want a gift that looks like you put a little extra thought into it...because you did.
If you are searching for the perfect gift for a couple, here are a few ideas. Throughout the year couples tend to not spend as much money on themselves for things to do as a couple. They spend money on family necessities, clothes, odds and ends splurges and tha'ts about it. Why not give them a gift that allows them to spend some time together through experiences.
Based on price range you can alter these gifts as well.
For those couples who enjoy alcohol you can put together a basket filled with a nice bottle of wine and snacks. Nuts, crackers, cheese, grapes, the works. Most couples will receive wine for the holidays when they have company over so adding that little touch of the basket with snacks shows them that you put thought into their gift. These snacks can be tailored to what they like or some things you think go well with your wine choice. To make a more expensive basket you can add in a wine opener or trinket.
A holiday themed gift. For example for couples who celebrate Christmas you could give them an ornament for their tree. This can be an ornament you came across while on vacation and put away, or one you pick up at the store. Ornaments range in price and it's typically easy to find cheaper ones without compromising quality. Stores like Pier 1, Khols, Hallmark, and beyond all have ornaments. You could have a lot of fun with this ornament giving them one to start a collection, picking a theme they would enjoy, one that matches their tree, or adding one you found on vacation. This year my boyfriend and I purchased his parents an ornament we found in Las Vegas last month!
A movie basket. This is one of my favorites. There are two ways to do this basket. First, you can make an at-home movie night. Fill the basket with either movie rental gift cards (if your unsure of their movie taste) or go ahead and pick out some of your favorites or classics for them. By picking your own you show that you put extra effort into their basket. You can theme this basket with romantic comedies, dramas, holiday films etc. I like doing the classics so for example I'll put in a movie like Jaws. After that add some snacks. The typical would be to add some popcorn and candy, but I like to specialize it with their favorite candies and then some popcorn. Last year for my boyfriend's parents I even put in two diet cokes! their favorite drink. The second type of movie basket you can do is with a gift card to a local theatre. You can purchase vouchers for popcorn and sodas as well. This would allow them to have a night out!
Gift cards to their favorite resturants are always a good idea! The best way to do it, if you can afford it, is to leave some room for them to order drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Most couples won't order all that if they are paying! You could also give them a gift card to a restaurant you know they have never been to but you think they would enjoy or an upscale restaurant for a night out!
If you have a higher price range, concert tickets, tickets to a show, mini vacations and beyond are always a good idea if you have the budget!
A gift card to a couple's massage! Places like Massage Envy have numerous locations across the United States and great prices. Many of their deals often include incentives for the purchaser!
Here are just a few ideas. When it comes to finding gifts for couples like your in-laws I find it easier, more thoughtful, and more fun for you and them when you do something they can enjoy as a couple!
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