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article imageFortune teller and psychic Bridgette Evans jailed for fraud

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 7, 2011 in World
A fortune teller was sentenced to 37 months in prison after she was convicted of fraud. Bridgette Evans, 33, claiming that she could free people from evil spirits, made $1.6 million from clients who wanted her to fend off evil spirits on their behalf.
Evans was arrested in May with two relatives who assisted in her spiritual work. The three were charged with defrauding people. Sunshine Slate reported that the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida announced that the three women pleaded guilty to wire and mail fraud. The court documents said Bridgette Evans, 32, of Deerfield Beach, Pollie Evans, 36, formerly of Texas and Olivia Evan, 22, also formerly of Texas were deceiving people that they had psychic ability to "cleanse" them of evil spirits.
The three psychics advertised their services on newspapers and the internet and have been in business since 2007. Evans has several pseudonyms online, including Susan Meyers,Tina Moore and Kiana Moore. She styles herself "Master Love Psychic," and boasts of herself on internet as "superior in voice vibrations no matter how far you are, your life is an open window to me! Call for the psychic reading you will never forget!”
She also posts testimonials on internet about her powers. Sunshine Slate reports the testimony of a certain John from Towson, Maryland, who exclaims: “I am AMAZED! I thought all hope was lost when I contacted you regarding my fiance. A few days after my reading she called (exactly as you predicted!)...I was ready to give up until we spoke. Thank You Susan! Without your help I would have lost my soulmate...Your advice was right on point.”
Several other testimonials on her site are by fictitious individuals.
Sun Sentinel reports Evans told people who wanted her to rid their lives of evil spirits to send her cash and on one occasion someone sent her a Rolex watch. Evans told her victims that she only needed the cash for spiritual rituals and that she would return the money as soon as the evil spirits had been expelled.
Evans never fulfilled the promise.
This is not the first time Evans is being charged with "spiritual cleansing" fraud. She had served five years' probation after entering a plea deal in 2000. District Judge Wiliam Dimitrouleas noting Evans' history, said:
"I'm not convinced that Ms. Evans isn't going to do this a third time."
Evans is 11 weeks pregnant. She pleaded with the judge to sentence her to house arrest. She said she had two children, 3 and 12, and that she was anxious what would happen to them if she went to jail.
Sun Sentinel reports Evans' lawyer, Jim Lewis, told the court that Evans was raised in a "Gypsy culture," and that she was a victim of the circumstances of her upbringing. The lawyer said Evans has only a fifth grade education and had to make money for a living, psychic consultancy being the only "skill" she had. According the lawyer, Evans' life was "ruined because of the position her family and culture have put her in."
Sun Sentinel reports Evans' sister Pollie Evans, was sentenced last month to 41 months in prison. Sentencing of the third Evans, Olivia, was postponed because of her pregnancy.
Olivia Evans confessed she once told a woman to send her a ""a Rolex watch with a prism so it could be used as a vortex for demons to return to hell."
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