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article imageMuppets messengers of liberal politics, charges Fox Business

By Joan Firstenberg     Dec 5, 2011 in Entertainment
New York - The Muppets. What's not to love? Conservatives say plenty. They charge that children's films like the Muppets are brainwashing vehicles for liberal writers to push their socialist agendas on poor vulnerable and unsuspecting youngsters.
Fox Business is concerned that America's children are being brainwashed by Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy with a very liberal, or even socialist message. This, even though the majority of movie critics have lavished the reboot of Jim Henson’s family-friendly Muppets with praise, the Dec. 2 broadcast of the network’s “Follow the Money”.
In the film, the villain Tex Richman, played by Chris Cooper, is an oil mogul trying to tear down the Muppets’ historic theater in order to drill for oil. But Fox Business host Eric Bolling says,
“The Muppets are back and being terrorized by an evil oil executive in their new movie. Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as ‘evil,’ that’s not new. I’ll put it out there: Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to kind of brainwash our kids?”
The New York Daily News reports that this is not the first time this criticism of the Muppets and their near relatives from "Sesame Street" have been accused by conservatives of serving large helpings of liberal politics down kids throats. Dan Gainor, is with the Media Research Center, which is a conservative think-tank.
“It’s amazing how far the left will go to manipulate your kids and give them the anti-corporate message.”
The Christian Post says the new Muppets movie is yet another example of painting liberal fears of oil domination. Christian Toto of Human events is quoted.
"If any kiddie franchise can yank audiences back in time, it's the new, improved Muppets."
And Iris Somberg with the conservative group Newsbusters, says,
"Yes, it's a Muppet movie -- farcical and silly. But how sadly predictable that the villain is the perennial bogeyman of liberal environmentalists, and how sadly telling that the writers politicized a children's movie. Again."
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