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article imageWhite-tailed Rudolph & friends chow on $80,000 of Christmas trees

By Nancy Houser     Dec 7, 2011 in Odd News
New Hampton - When a herd of deer eat 12,000 Christmas trees off an eight-acre Christmas tree farm in one week, Santa Claus may be lucky to get his cookies and milk this holiday with over $80,000 of damage to a family's 40-year old business.
In the central part of the United States, the closest things to Santa's reindeer is the mulie and white-tail. And they not as forgiving toward Christmas. The above video shows just how much damage deer can do to the holiday Christmas trees.
For example, right after the holidays ended last year, the elves moved out and the deer moved in...antlers and all. Immediately, the hungry crew began chowing-down on the family's Christmas tree farm, spreading havoc over the entire acres.
By rights, the upcoming Christmas holidays normally are a happy time for owner Jan Pacvosky and his family on their Pine Acres Christmas Farm, located close to New Hampton, Iowa. "Just being able to see the people enjoy the season and have fun coming out and picking out their trees and the little kids running around," said owner, Jan Pacvosky. "It's a busy place out here and it's fun to watch everybody." (MSNBC)
Unfortunately, the family has no livelihood this year as the deer have daintily yet steadily chewed up the entire tree farm. Also, every tree consumed takes five years of growing to replace it with a new one. This does not look good for the Pacvosky family for the next few seasons. Apparently working for Santa Claus makes one hungry, as it looks as if a combine went through uniform layers of the trees.
"They just sort of took over and bedded down in here; we have about eight acres here of trees," Pacovsky said. "We figure between 10,000 and 12,000 trees that we've lost, which is probably between $75,000 to $80,000."
As expected, there is no insurance for this type of damage. But there are deer hunters in the area and Pacovsky is hoping this will reduce the numbers of his daily lunch crowd.Fencing the entire acreage may soon be necessary. Of course, gates will be added to admit welcome visitors....two-legged, of course.
But just maybe, writing a book entitled, "The deer that ate Christmas" may supplement their income? Mrs. Pacovsky's husband recently beat cancer and her son survived an accidental gunshot wound while hunting, so Christmas tidings are still to be thankful for. (wcfCourier)
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