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article image'Dallas' reboot set to premiere in summer 2012, JR is back

By Leigh Goessl     Dec 4, 2011 in Entertainment
Back in 1978, a new show called "Dallas" quickly crept its way up in television ratings. After the infamous "Who shot J.R.?" cliffhanger that aired in 1980, the nighttime drama had made history, and subsequently enjoyed a 13-season run.
While the show had a few reunion movies in between, things had been pretty quiet on the "Dallas" front on recent years.
However, twenty years after "Dallas" went off the air, cable network TNT is bringing the show back as a 'reboot' of the original. For close to a year now, "Dallas" snippets have been steadily hitting the media as the idea of jump-starting the once-popular nighttime drama went from conception to reality, and a pilot was filmed.
Digital Journal reported in July the drama was officially picked up by TNT. Several members of the original cast will be featured along with a whole new generation of Ewings.
Larry Hagman returns as the legendary and, reportedly still devious, J.R. Ewing, along with fellow castmates Linda Gray as the once angst-ridden Sue Ellen, and Patrick Duffy, who played the good-hearted, but often steadfast Bobby.
Other original members of the cast slated to appear on the new "Dallas" series are Charlene Tilton as Lucy and Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs. Earlier rumors pegged Priscilla Presley making a return as Jenna Wade Krebbs, however she's currently not listed on the cast list on IMDb.
Now that the Ewing babies are all grown up, this means a new generation of Ewing bickering. Reportedly the new series will focus on the feud between the Ewing brothers' sons, John Ross (J.R.'s son) and Christopher (Bobby's son). Josh Henderson will play the character of John Ross and Jesse Metcalfe has been cast as Christopher. Jordana Brewster plays Elena Ramos, and is said to be the woman who gets in the middle of the two cousins, and grew up with both boys on the ranch. Elena is purportedly John Ross' current girlfriend. Julie Gonzalo has been cast to play Rebecca Sutter, Christopher's fiancee.
Fans have long debated Victoria Principal's character, Pam Ewing's place in the show. Principal and "Dallas" parted ways in 1987 and the actress never returned for any of the "Dallas" reunion shows to join her former castmates. Earlier reports said Pam, who was Bobby's wife, would seemingly be explained as having passed away, however recent speculation is that the new "Dallas" creator, Cynthia Cidre, really wants the character of Pam Ewing back. Has a deal been struck? At this time no announcement has been made, however rumors are out there.
A Pam return would make things dicey, as Bobby is now remarried to Ann, who is slated to be played by Brenda Strong.
The show will center around Ewing Oil and Southfork. The latest trailer released by TNT shows the two cousins clashing over the two, not unlike their fathers did years ago when J.R. tried to drill for oil on Southfork against his mother's wishes back in 1979; the trailer gives the appearance of the old adage "like father, like son."
"Dallas" was a tremendously popular show that ran from 1978 to 1991. Will the reboot make it? So far a lot of energy and excitement has built up on the web. Fans of the original are curious to see how the new show plays out, and fans of the younger generation of actors are likely to tune in to see them in their new roles.
What is next for those living on the Southfork ranch? If history is any indicator, expect plenty of intrigue, mystery, betrayal and, chances are, smidgens of criminal behavior. Where John Ross and Christopher are concerned, trailers indicate probable fireworks, and perhaps some Ewing-style warfare between their daddies. Additionally, from the looks of things, Bobby is now patriarch of the Ewing family, and Sue Ellen has gotten her act together and is a powerhouse on her own; both of which likely won't sit too well with J.R.
Last July in response to the question if he ever imagined playing Bobby Ewing again, Patrick Duffy said,
"I actually did not think I would be playing Bobby Ewing again. And over the years, more and more, I thought I'd never do it again. Over the years, scripts were presented and people would say, "Aw, we should do this again. A script would be written and we would look at it and it would be atrocious."
One day a new script appeared, written by Cynthia Cidre, and the original cast loved it. Thus the reboot was born and crafted into a new series.
The new show will premiere summer 2012 on TNT, but no exact debut date has been published at this time.
Here's the original trailer released
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