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article imageWife beating, lethal assault and intrigue in the soaps

By Alexander Baron     Dec 3, 2011 in Entertainment
The evil Dr Khan strengthens his grip over his first and soon to be third wife; Phil Mitchell is under pressure; and local nasty Cain is the victim of a near fatal attack.
Saturday morning, the big story on the BBC news was the full extent of honour killings and other honour crimes in Britain. It could be there will soon be one in Albert Square, either that or some other form of serious domestic violence with an ethnic flavour as the evil Dr Khan appears to be making a habit out of abusing the hapless Zainab, his first wife, whom he is hoping to remarry now that she has been divorced by her second husband.
Dr Khan is a curious character, a Moslem who drinks wine, and when he is waylaid by his cousin from Pakistan they conveniently rabbit in English for the benefit of the ten million or so of the soap's viewers who are not fluent in Urdu.
The big question has to be, will the wicked doctor push Zainab too far, or will he deliver the fatal blow? Or maybe someone else will, because the not-so-good doctor has just been found out. Whatever, it isn't Dr Khan who is putting the frighteners on Phil Mitchell, because although there is no love lost between the two men, he arrived on the scene much too late to be behind what may be a blackmail plot against the Walford hard case. So far, Phil has been plagued with strange messages relating to a death he caused many years ago; the prime suspect insists he is innocent, and a relectant Phil not only believes him but is becoming paranoid about anyone and everyone who has ever crossed his path, namely half the denizens of the non-existent Walford.
There has been some suggestion by at least one soap website that Phil is shortly to be arrested for the murder of his wife, deranged lawyer Stella. Maybe someone should point out that although Phil was indeed on the rooftop when she took the plunge, the incident was captured by CCTV, which showed clearly that she jumped.
Whether or not blood is to be spilled in Albert Square, bad guy Cain Dingle is about to be battered and left for dead in Emmerdale. There are fewer suspects for this than for Phil Mitchell's hassles, but only because Emmerdale village is smaller than Walford. It could be because grandfather Cain is the father of the baby that teenage wastrel Amy has just given birth to in the local cemetery, or it could be because he has finally pushed one of the Sharma brothers too far. Bear in mind though that this is the bloke was once thumped by the vicar in the local boozer.
Over in Coronation Street, things are rather tame at the moment, but it just might be there is something brewing between rapist Frank Foster and airhead housewife Sally Webster. Frank is out on bail awaiting trial, and Sally is creating a definite impression on her new boss, but what if one of them misreads the signals? When Sally tried it on with the tragic John Stape, he rebuffed her politely and diplomatically; she repaid him by causing a scene at his funeral, but he had kidnapped her eldest daughter twice. If Sally comes on to Frank though, or if he thinks she is coming on to him, she might just end up getting raped and strangled then buried under Carla's knicker factory. Stranger things have happened, especially when EastEnders are ahead in the ratings.
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