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article imageOp-Ed: Sign the petition against war with Iran

By Alexander Baron     Dec 2, 2011 in Politics
The expulsion of Iranian diplomats earlier this week is leading to a heightening of tensions between Iran and Britain, but not everyone is prepared to stand by and allow yet another war in the Gulf.
The sacking of the British Embassy in Tehran earlier this week led to Foreign Secretary William Hague ordering the closure of the Iranian Embassy in London. Relations between Britain and Iran are now lower than they have been for many years, and it will require very little to take things to the next level.
While we should condemn the outrage by the Iranian protesters, no one was killed, and we should try also not only to keep a sense of proportion but to see their point of view. While there are those who like to portray Iran as a threat to the region, to world peace or even to civilisation, the Iranians tend not unnaturally to see things differently, in particular they see the West - including the only nation that has ever used nuclear weapons in anger - telling them they cannot have what we have long had, and imposing Draconian sanctions on their country into the bargain.
Who wants war? More to the point, who doesn't? Anyone with a brain in his head, that's who, and there are those who are actively opposing it.
There have been anti-war coalitions in Britain for many years, and they haven't had much success to date. This time though, the stakes are a great deal higher, because there are people in Britain as well as the United States and Israel who would gladly start yet another war in the Gulf, and if they or we bomb Iran, it will not be a rerun of the Gulf Wars against Iraq, the invasion of Afghanistan, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein or the ousting of Gaddafi.
The line that has been peddled consistently since 2006 and before is that Iran is the bad guy, and we must prevent these mad mullahs from arming themselves with nuclear weapons whatever the cost. One lunatic has even created an e-petition to that effect. Fortunately, he has to date found only 4 other lunatics to sign it, (see below).
A screengrab of an e-petition created by a lunatic intent on starting World War III.
A screengrab of an e-petition created by a lunatic intent on starting World War III.
There are other petitions though. Wars may be good for a certain type of politician; they are always profitable for banksters and armaments manufacturers; they may even be good for soldiers, though there are more than a few in Arlington and other cemeteries throughout America, Britain and elsewhere who would not agree with that. If they could.
Here is the Stop The War Coaltion's petition.
And here are two others: one calling for no military action; another calling for a referendum beforehand.
Don't let these madmen set the world alight again. Enough perpetual wars for perpetual peace.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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