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article imageOxford Uni resisted Blair gov. pressure to accept Saif Gaddafi

By Katerina Nikolas     Dec 1, 2011 in World
Oxford - Saif Gaddafi bought his way into the London School of Economics where he obtained a plagiarized doctorate. It has been revealed though, that prior to his sojourn at the LSE, the British foreign office exerted pressure on Oxford University to accept Saif.
Ever since Muammar Gaddafi fell out of favour with the British government, there has been a political fall out surrounding the British elite who enjoyed the pleasure of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's company. Saif liked to hob nob with influential Brits, enjoying the patronage of the Blair government whilst reaping the benefits that his father's cash could buy him. It has now been revealed that one solid British institution could neither be bought or bullied into accepting Saif into the fold, as Oxford University made it clear to the foreign office that the aspiring heir of Libyan rule was just not up scratch.
The good name of the London School of Economics (LSE) has fallen into disrepute after awarding Saif a doctorate for his plagiarised work. However Oxford was his first choice and an inquiry has found that the foreign office, under Blair's government, lobbied the university to accept Saif. Oxford university was approached in 2002 by a senior civil service at the FCO, pushing for Saif to be admitted for a master's degree.
According to the Guardian the inquiry reported "It was made clear … that the FCO would appreciate help in this case since Libya was opening up to the West again." The head of Oxford's department of international development reportedly was not interested in prostituting the university for foreign office ends though and told the FCO that an application by Saif would be "unlikely to prosper … because Saif had no social science training, and his prior degree did not meet the requisite quality standard".
The inquiry's findings raise questions over the possibility of the Blair government exerting influence on the American Rules Committee of the House of Representatives. In 2005 Euan Blair, son of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was given the opportunity to serve as an intern for the Rules Committee. The People's Daily reported at the time that the appointment raised quite a few eyebrows.
The current inquiry is probing into areas related to Saif's sojourn at the LSE, referred to by some as the"Libyan School of Economics." However it is only if Saif makes it to trial that it is expected a full probe into his links with British politicians and minor royals such as Air Miles Andy Windsor, will reveal the full extent of British cozying up to the regime they so recently decided it was more expedient to bomb.
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