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article imageThe Cain saga unfolds, or is it a political soap opera?

By Gar Swaffar     Dec 1, 2011 in Politics
Herman Cain's latest accuser now has her own accuser, with allegations of both libel and a lesbian relationship being leveled against Ginger White.
The continuing melodrama of Herman Cain's Presidential campaign unfolds, or unravels, depending on which side of the political fence we sit on. The latest revelation regarding his most recent accuser of marital infidelity, Ginger White, comes from Laura Reddy at ABC News and concerns the allegations by White's former business partner, and as now revealed, White's former lover, Kimberly Vay.
Vay told ABC's Reddy that she had a lesbian relationship with White for thirteen years, the same length of time White has alleged she and Herman Cain had an affair.
Vay has also stated to Reddy that despite being lovers for thirteen years "His name has never come up," During part of that time Vay and White were business partners in a fitness business, "No Limit Cycling"
The business was begun in mid 2010 and was based in Atlanta, Ga. where both lived, the business however seems to have soured for White and Vay, and in November 2010 White requested that the partnership be dissolved and Vay agreed to the proposal. The agreement included White remaining as the active business partner.
Vay claims however that White sent an email out to clients and city officials on December 9, 2010 which accused Vay of using veterinary drugs before competing in body building contests, Vay is a competitive bodybuilder.
Vay perceived the email as libelous as reported at and while both women retained lawyers, an out-of-court settlement was reached in April of this year. The settlement didn't last very long though, and Vay filed another lawsuit alleging White had failed to comply with the terms of the financial settlement in regard to the charge of libel.
Vay also pursued and filed a restraining order against White but the restraining order was never completed.
Ginger White in the meantime chose to ignore both a subpoena and hearing in the matter and as a result a Dekalb County judge entered a default judgement against White, the damages for which, have not yet been determined.
When asked about the libel suit by WAGA in Atlanta, White remarked: "I admit it. Whatever happened with Kim and I happened."
Whatever the outcome of the allegations being made by White against Herman Cain, or by Vay against White it is a near certainty that the story will continue to unfold and more facts will be made public.
Cain in the meantime has responded to the accusations with a statement: “This is direct character assassination on me. Why? Because I was doing so well,”
WAGA had a video with Cain's response.
Also, on YouTube is a video of his campaign stop in New Hampshire, from WMUR where he also suggests the attacks are character assassination.
There are also now suggestions from a California Campaign confidante that parts of this story may not be as earlier reported and the allegations of the lesbian relationship may have been either fabricated or exaggerated, and mentioned above, the saga continues to unfold.
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