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article imageOccupy London target office building in Haymarket

By Kev Hedges     Nov 30, 2011 in World
London - Occupy London protesters have made an attempt to occupy an office block in central London's Haymarket on Wednesday. Police have evicted the protesters and are now kettling around 200 people on Panton Street, off Haymarket.
The building, called Panton House, is used by mining company Xstrata, a global diversified mining group, listed on the London and Swiss Stock Exchanges. Its CEO, Mick Davis, is believed the be the target of the protesters, calling him one of the "greedy 1%".
Karen Lincoln, a supporter of the Occupy London Stock Exchange movement said:
Mick Davis is a prime example of the greedy 1% lining their own pockets while denying workers pensions. In this time when the Government enforces austerity on the 99 per cent, these executives are profiting. The rest of us are having our pensions cuts, health service torn apart and youth centres shut down. We refuse to stand by and let this happen. We call on others to join us in the fight for a more just society. Today we have taken this to one of the offices of the 1 per cent.
The 60-strong group who gained entry to the building were part of the anti-capitalist protesters camped outside St. Paul's Cathedral. Some of the group reached the roof of the building before riot police removed them. Around 200 people were being blocked in by police at both exits to Panton Street from around 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Also trapped in the street was a BBC reporter and many legal observers, linked to the Occupy movement.
The raid took place on the same day as thousands of public sector workers marched through London as part of a national day of protest against government plans to reduce their pensions.
The raid against Xstrata's offices are part of a global movement for social and economic change.
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