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article imageOp-Ed: College football — The South shall rise again

By John Dewar Gleissner     Nov 23, 2011 in Sports
Birmingham - Racial dominance still plays a role all across the South. This time, things are different, because the South is winning.
The South shall rise again! ... in fact, it already has in college football. With about one-third of the nation's population, the South wins college football games and championships in far greater numbers than population alone would suggest. And it's not just the Southeastern Conference (SEC) that dominates the rest of the nation. Southern teams in the ACC, Big 12 and other conferences routinely field superior football teams. Over the last few decades, the South has won national championships in college football twice as often as other regions of the country. The top-ranked college football teams in 2011 are Southern teams.
The South is very proud of its football record. During bowl season, the South wants other Southern teams to prove the South's dominance. Other regions of the country still have the top five largest football stadiums, but the South has the next five largest. This year, once again, the Southeastern Conference contains the best teams, and there is talk of a re-match in the National Championship Game between two SEC teams that have already played each other. The last five National Champions in college football have all been SEC teams.
The South has risen again, but this time around, things are different. Instead of white supremacy, it's African-American supremacy. Yes, African-Americans dominate college football and other sports out of all proportion to their numbers. African-Americans currently constitute only 12% or 13% of the entire American population, but they are concentrated in the South. After integration, the South's football dominance arose. The good news is that, instead of creating racial tension, this dominance improves race relations more than almost anything else in American society.
Unlike baseball and basketball, football is more akin to warfare. Just as in war, football boils down to a territorial dispute. Other sports involve much less hostile physical contact with the enemy or penalize it, and do not always require the entire team for important plays. Each team in football wears armor and has a front facing the enemy. Teams have highly publicized field generals and gladiators. The high command directs from the sidelines. We love to see the enemy outrun, brought down, hit hard and defeated. We football fans get in touch with our inner barbarians. Fans say and do aggressive things at football games that society will not condone elsewhere.
Football gladiators fight and take risks for us, our family and our tribe. Emotional territorial and tribal loyalties are highest in college football. The players fight to protect older, weaker and sedentary members of the tribe, whose fates ride in the bodies of their warriors. We admire those who train hard for war and live athletic lives. A club based in New York City gave Auburn quarterback Cam Newton of Atlanta the 2010 Heisman Trophy.
Every now and then, our tribe suffers casualties in the form of injuries. Sometimes players drop dead in football practice. Our worst nightmare is a paralyzing injury to one of our warriors. We accept casualties as part of warfare. Our goal is to win and boost our own status. We love the players who champion our cause. We honor them as indispensable protectors of our tribes and families.
The South has risen again ... and this time it's winning.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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