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article imageOp-Ed: Deadlier than the male - granny killer gaoled; Mum kills kids

By Alexander Baron     Nov 22, 2011 in Crime
Birmingham - A woman shows no emotion as she is gaoled for the murder of her own grandmother. Another woman murders her young son and daughter and commits suicide.
2 held as OAP dies was the headline in the Sun on June 1 this year. The report concerned the death of a 94 year old woman in Birmingham. One's immediate thought would be this was perhaps a robbery that went wrong, or even a sadistic killing by a couple of young men high on drugs, lowlife, that's for sure.
In fact, Daisy Myring, who was 92, was murdered by her granddaughter. On June 5, the Sunday Mercury revealed that the two had been held for four days which had necessitated two custody extensions, then they were released on bail. Although their names were not released, Mr Jones answered the door to the paper and told its reporter: “It is an ongoing police investigation and I would rather not make any comment.”
Another person was also arrested, but on June 9, it was reported that a woman and a woman alone had been charged with the murder of the frail, partially blind nonagenarian. Yesterday, Sheila Jones pleaded guilty to the murder and was given a mandatory life sentence with a tariff of twenty-two and a half years. She changed her plea at the last minute. The motive for the murder was simple greed; she bludgeoned her grandmother to death,and stole about £7,000.
92 year old Daisy Myring  who was murdered by her own granddaughter  Sheila Jones.
92 year old Daisy Myring, who was murdered by her own granddaughter, Sheila Jones.
West Midlands Police
If one can feel only contempt for a woman who murders her own grandmother, especially one so old and frail, what should one feel for a woman who murders her young son and daughter? Pity? Elke Mellersh abducted 5 year old Mimi and 7 year old Yaanis in a custody dispute. This was obviously a private matter, and in Britain unlike the United States, this sort of privacy is taken seriously, so not a lot is known about the case, and really it is none of our business. Suffice it to say that Elke Mellersh appears to have had mental health issues, which can mean almost anything, but in this case was obviously serious.
Her estranged husband, Justin, who lives near Southampton, had custody. Mrs Mellersh disappeared in Germany in February last year taking Mimi and Yaanis with her. Last Friday, all three were found dead in a farmhouse in Turkey, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning. News of the tragedy reached the British media only yesterday, presumably because the bodies had to be identified and the family informed. This is not the first time a tragedy of this nature has happened, but hopefully it will be the last. And don't even mention the name Casey Anthony.
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