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article imageOp-Ed: Occupy Toronto, is it a fight to remain or social change?

By KJ Mullins     Nov 22, 2011 in World
Toronto - As the midnight hour approached the protesters at St. James Park remained after the eviction order came into effort. There were conflicting reports as to if the police was going to take action through the night.
According to a liaison at the camp the police are not expected to take any action tonight. The staff sergeant at 51 Division confirmed to the group that no police action would be taking place tonight.
In the media tent Brian, 25, was broadcasting, saying that the group has walkie talkies to keep up with what is going on.
Brian said he's a college graduate who works during the day. He also says he works at a cafe at night on occasion. He said he is protesting for corporate accountability. The movement's web live site is calling tonight Code Red.
According to the Live Stream at #Occupy Toronto the protesters said that they are the birth of a movement and that they are planning to stay at the park for as long as it takes. There is a barricade around the camp's library to protect the contents.
Television crews were set up to record what is happening at the Toronto location.
There is legal support by different law firms according to the live stream. The lawyers are ready to take care of those who are arrested as they continue to stay past the eviction.
The movement plans to have neighbourhood outreaches and meetings in the future. There are also talks about occupying City Hall.
As reports that the police were closing roads two streets over Brian put a bandana covering his lower face and announced that they would be live streaming outside. The report was a false alarm that the police was in the area for other reasons, which those in the tent acted in disbelief, believing that the police were playing with them.
There were 1,000 people at the camp at 12:45 a.m.
As a casual observer the live feed shows a group of young adults who are concerned about what is happening about the world but without a real plan as to how to achieve their goals, which are vast. One of their concerns is that Canadians will be the slaves of the American, One World Agenda. With verbal attacks against certain politicians though the movement seems to grow more fragmented from the core ideal of the 99 percent wanting the 1 percent, AKA the corporations, to be accountable.
It appears that the movement in Toronto is being run by young people who are angry at everyone, blaming those who have achieved something for all the problems that are in the world. One girl read a poem that included a line about how the first banks started the road to greed. Perhaps it is a lack of sleep but watching the live stream shows that there is little form or reason for those that huddle in the cold tents of a city park. The question becomes has the fight to remain in the park no matter what become the movement? When the tents are broken down and the litter cleared will the movement to make a real positive change still be as strong?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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