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article imageOp-Ed: Dear Mayor Rob Ford — I am one of the 99% and I want them out

By Carolyn E. Price     Nov 21, 2011 in Politics
Toronto - As Toronto collectively holds its breath waiting to see what happens next at St. James Park, my civic duty is to let Toronto Mayor Rob Ford know that yes, some of us do support their removal and agree that the occupy movement's time has come to an end.
Dear Rob Ford: I am one of the 99%. I do not support the protestors/squatters located downtown and I do support the City of Toronto's eviction of the tents and yurts that have been set up in the public area known as St. James Park and the grounds of St. James Cathedral.
I urge all of you who agree with the above paragraph to call Mayor Ford's office at 416-397-3673 or send him an e-mail at letting him know that you agree with the City of Toronto's measures to remove the tents and yurts from the park and not gather in the park between the hours of 12:01 am and 5:30 am.
For those of you who don't know me, I am what is considered to be disabled and as such, am on a Disability Pension of less than $15,000 a year. I worked for my entire teenaged and adult life, part time and full time, up until I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 2005.
My husband and I worked hard, saved and planned for a retirement future, one that came a bit early and perhaps not the way we had planned for it to unfold, but as of today, we are OK. In less than 2 years my husband will be eligible to retire at 55, plans are being made.
I lost the ability to speak during an operation on my larynx to remove the second round of cancer I had to battle; I am now up against a 3rd round, and struggles continue. I have been told that OHIP will not cover a chemotherapy drug that was recommended for me, the drug plan I am covered through by my husband will not pay for the drug, so we have to pay almost $2,000 a month to cover it.
I tell you all this, not in an attempt to garner sympathy, but to let you know that I truly am at this point in my life, one of those 99% this movement says they speak for.
I want to make this clear right now they DO NOT speak for me. I imagine if they knew about this Op/Ed, I would be added to their 'right wing douche bags' list.
Right Wing Douchebag Award.
Right Wing Douchebag Award.
I feel that there is an incredible backlash against Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford by the Occupy Toronto movement, the unions backing them and Ford's opponents in City Hall, placing the blame squarely on his shoulders for his decision to 'evict' the protestors.
One union, the Greater Toronto Workers Assembly, said "Mr. Ford, one day the sun will set on your mayoralty. As you recede into the recesses of history, we who fight for a better Toronto will keep the name 'Rob Ford' alive as the penultimate expression of reactionary buffoonery."
Eleven councillors wrote a letter to Ford asking him to leave the tent city intact until the full council had a chance to discuss the matter, because they believe that the situation is "complex."
So please join me in letting Mayor Rob Ford know that we do not believe, as one councillor told local news radio station 680News, the he is "acting alone" and that the so-called eviction is a "deficit in democracy."
Mayors of cities all across Canada, of all kinds of political stripes, have sought and been granted similar 'eviction notices.' They have all used language similar to the words being spoken by Ford, the courts agreeing with them in all cases filed to date.
In London, Ontario, the police forcibly removed the protestors.
In Victoria, the police handed out eviction notices and are just waiting for a Supreme Court ruling before removing the final 5-10 tents that are remaining in Centennial Square.
In Vancouver, the occupiers have been given until 2:00 pm local time (PST) to remove their gear from the front of Vancouver's Art Gallery..
An interactive map of the "Occupy" movement across Canada can be found here, on the website.
And I sincerely agree with the Mayor when he asked for a peaceful end to this occupy movement in Toronto, and that the Medical yurt set up in St. James Park will not be needed.
Medical Yurt Occupy Toronto in St. James Park.
Medical Yurt Occupy Toronto in St. James Park.
I also hope that within the next few days, residents, businesses and citizens of the city of Toronto who walk through St. James Park do not see anything on the other side.
What Do you see ... ?
What Do you see ... ?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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