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article imageMan proposes to wife one letter at a time Special

By Camden Yorke     Nov 22, 2011 in Entertainment
Montreal - When a man proposes to his girlfriend, it is a moment to be remembered for years to come. One man's method of proposal, however, might leave other men with a tough act to follow.
A 26-year-old man from Montreal is making headlines recently after uploading a video montage to YouTube which documents his proposal to his girlfriend.
The man--currently only identifiable by his YouTube alias, daviator358--proposed to his girlfriend after a six-year relationship.
"Daviator358" and his girlfriend spent much of their time traveling across the world together and, in order to document their experiences, would have themselves photographed in front of various landmarks while holding one letter of the alphabet.
In his video, "daviator358" informs viewers that the letters, however, were not randomly selected. He goes on to explain that if the couple were ever to marry, they always knew that it would happen and, thus, hold the letters to spell the phrase "We Always Knew."
The elaborate plan, however, did not stop there. While in Montreal, "daviator358," with the help of close friends, was able to bring his plan full circle. Preparing to take the final picture of the project--holding the 'W' in the word "knew"--he and his unsuspecting girlfriend pose for the camera.
YouTube user   daviator358   and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
YouTube user, "daviator358," and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
After approving of the photo, "daviator358" took hold of his camera and reminded his girlfriend of why they began the project in the first place. Moments later, he revealed the photo to his girlfriend and--in a successful proposal--changed from boyfriend to fiancé.
YouTube user   daviator358   and unsuspecting girlfriend pose for the camera.
YouTube user, "daviator358," and unsuspecting girlfriend pose for the camera.
The proposal video, which has already received over 300,000 views over the course of five days, is receiving many comments from viewers from all across the globe congratulating the couple on their recent engagement.
"Now this is a lasting relationship, the proposal tells the story," said YouTube user "noelz14." "This is fantastic! What an amazing story and an amazing way to begin a married life together! All the best" reads another comment by YouTube user "sesewhatnow."
Alistair Christakos, a Montreal resident, knows that he will have to work on his creativity in the meantime should he ever make a proposal.
"I like to think myself a pretty creative person, but this guy might have just put all of us [men] to shame," said Christakos. "I guess we can bid farewell to those days of stuffing the ring inside of a tart."
Christakos, however, admits that he has learned of more than just a creative way to make a proposal.
"More than anything, however, this video has a deeper message: love can withstand time," he said. "Six years of dating? What an inspiration."
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