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article imageOp-Ed: Does Goldman Sachs really rule the world?

By Alexander Baron     Nov 21, 2011 in Politics
When the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke rant about bankers conspiring to rule the world, we can take it with a pinch of salt. When mainstream newspaper correspondents make the same claim, it's time to sit up and listen.
Remember Alessio Rastani's claim that Goldman Sachs rules the world? He may have been speaking figuratively, but now the London correspondent of Le Monde - one of the biggest newspapers in France - has claimed the bank has a network similar to the Freemasons that operates throughout Europe. How seriously should we take such a claim?
While it is easy to laugh at conspiracy “theories” of this nature, this is the way society works, people who know each other network. Admittedly the young lady is a talented designer, but is it a coincidence that Stella McCartney designed the costumes for the ballet Ocean's Kingdom which was composed by a famous singer-songwriter, who just happens to be her father?
This sort of thing happens at the lower levels of society too. Need a cleaner? Ask the lady in the laundrette. Where can I buy some puff? Ask the bloke downstairs; he got busted for possession last year. The problem here is that we are not talking about someone who will do a bit of cash in hand work, or sell you a couple of spliffs, but the people who control the European Central Bank and the Trilateral Commission - from the same Insiders who gave you the Bilderberg Group.
The Le Monde claim has been taken up by RealEcon TV, although the British media has been suspiciously quiet. That means either that it is all total nonsense, or that the editors of the major British newspapers don't want to upset their masters, especially in view of the ongoing Leveson Inquiry.
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