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'Doctor' injected cement and super glue to enhance woman's butt

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 21, 2011 in Health
A Miami Gardens woman who wanted a "ghetto booty" got a "flat-tire fix" operation instead. A "doctor" injected a deadly concoction of cement, oil, tyre sealant, and sealed her up with super-glue in what was supposed to be a buttocks enhancement surgery.
The Sun reports the "doctor" now faces charges of practicing surgery without a valid license.
The woman, whose name was not released because of privacy laws, began experiencing "pneumonia-like" symptoms and nearly died when the toxic substances injected into her buttocks began spreading through her body. The Miami Herald said the woman had gone to several hospitals, including Jackson North Medical Center in North Miami-Dade, and North Shore Medical Center, for treatment of her "pneumonia-like" symptoms before she was correctly diagnosed. Large welts that appeared on her buttocks might have alerted her doctor to the origin of her "pneumonia."
The woman, according to The Miami Herald, paid "Doctor" Oneal Morris $700 for injections she received between May 3 and May 7, 2010. The operation was performed in a house in a residential neighborhood in Miami Gardens. The victim described the "surgical tools" as a rubber tubing attached to what looked like a "cooler." The operation was so painful that at a point the "patient" was screaming, but the "surgeon" kept re-assuring her it would soon be over. When she could not bear the pain anymore she forced the "doctor" to stop the operation. Her "doctor" sealed her up with Super Glue.
Her "pneumonia-like" symptoms began twenty-four hours after the surgery.
Miami Gardens police finally arrested the 30-year-old quack on Friday. According to The Miami Herald, the "doctor" was a transgender woman with a "butt the size of a truck tire."
According to The Sun, the police suspect that "Doctor" Oneal Morris belongs to an underground syndicate of "butt doctors" who have been offering home buttock enhancement therapies in the U.S.
The Sun reports that "homemade surgery" has become popular among women wishing to acquire the "curves" of famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.
Sergeant Bill Bamford of Miami Gardens police commented on "home buttock augmentation" procedures:
"I think it's crazy - most definitely life-threatening.If you're going to have medical procedures done, find a licensed physician, go to a licensed facility and get the proper medical treatment."
The Sun reports that an unlicensed practitioner Whalesca Castillo was arrested in January for giving "home buttock augmentation" therapies to women by injecting silicone. In February, a British Student Claudia Aderotimi, 20, died after she received a cosmetic buttocks jab in a Philadelphia hotel room. Yet another victim Vera Lawrence of Carol City, according to The Miami Herald, died in March 2001, after silicone was injected in her buttocks during a “pumping party” by an unlicensed doctor.
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