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article imageChristian leaders blamed for shooter linking Obama and Antichrist

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 21, 2011 in World
After court documents revealed that the suspect in the recent White House shooting Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, believed that Obama is "antichrist," Christian leaders have come under criticism for fueling hatred of Obama among their followers.
Digital Journal reported that last Friday, shots were fired into the second floor of the White House windows. The suspect in the shooting, Ortega-Hernandez, according to Digital Journal, believes that Obama is the "antichrist," and the "devil." The Christian Post reports Ortega-Hernandez harbors strong feelings against the federal government and believes that the "federal government is conspiring against him."
Many observers and commentators believe that people like Hernandez are influenced by the message that comes from pulpit sermons. Since Obama became president, some Christian leaders, because of his (Obama) liberal leanings, have been waging a campaign against him, suggesting that Christians should reject his presidency because he is "antichristian." Many Christian leaders and preachers have been openly saying that Obama is "anti-God," and "anti-Christ."
Digital Journal recently reported that a Christian leader, Bob Ritter, pastor of Eastside Baptist Church, Nebo, North Carolina, recently stated that Obama treats "God like a spare tire." Pastor Ritter openly compared America under Obama with the Biblical time of Judges, which according to him, was,
"...a pretty wicked time...everybody just does what they think they should do with no moral compass..."
In Pastor Ritter's opinion, America under Obama, is lacking in "moral compass." The Pastor said:
"I'm hoping our next election will bring about a leader who has a clear moral compass, being the word of God; and that we could heal this land by doing what God said to do."
Digital Journal also recently reported another Christian leader, Tony Perkins, who openly urged Christians who voted for Obama in 2008 to "repent." According to Tony Perkins,
"Christians should not vote for Obama because he is 'hostile and disdainful' of religion...and has created an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity."
Many fundamentalist Christians have taken the "antichrist" implications of the statements of their leaders seriously and claims that Obama is the mythical biblical figure "The Beast," who will oppose Christ in the end-times are very popular in fundamentalist Christian circles. The Christian Post reports that a Dallas Theological Seminary Studies professor Daniel B. Wallace, wrote in a 2009 op-ed that Christian friends have confided in him in all seriousness that Obama is the antichrist.
Ortega-Hernandez's case is not the first time that an American professing Christianity is reported as saying or believing that Obama is antichrist. The Christian Post reports an incident at the House of Blues fundraiser. Obama was interrupted by heckler David Serrano, who wanted Obama to know that Jesus is God and that there is no God besides the Christian God. When the man was being dragged out of the room by security guards, he shouted that Obama is antichrist.
The internet, since Obama became president, has seen the mushrooming of websites making serious claims that Obama is antichrist. A casual Google search query will show the increasing search result correlation between "Obama" and "antichrist." The Christian Post refers to videos by fundamentalist Christian groups such as "WorldMustWakeUp," and "James1vs27," that torture biblical texts to extract prophetic proof that Obama is antichrist.
According to one website,,
"Obama is placing us (America) in the perfect position to allow 'Full Anti-Christ control of the U.S.' He will be a puppet for the 'Anti-Christ' - Not the Anti-Christ as One!"
The website, in its page footnote, warns:
"A Barack Obama Presidency is a Biblical plague visited upon a sinful people! May God Have Mercy on The United States of America."
The Christian Post also reports a Southern Baptist Pastor Carl Gallups, who says:
“There had been a lot of noise about an amazing Word [of God] correlation so I did a study of it myself and found that it was true."
According to The Christian Post, the Carl Gallups research into the Bible revealed that Jesus had said that Satan is "Baraq O Bam-Maw." Jesus, according to popular fundamentalist teaching, said Satan is Barack Obama, in Luke 10:18:
“I beheld Satan as lightning falling from the heavens.”
According to an interpretation in fundamentalist circles, the words "lightning from the heavens," in Hebrew, are "baraq waw bamaw." The popular interpretation of Luke 10:18 is that what Jesus really had said was:
“I beheld Satan as Baraq ‘O’ Bam-Maw."
Dallas Theological Seminary Studies professor Daniel B. Wallace, according to The Christian Post, faults this popular interpretation, pointing out that "Baraq O Bam-Maw," in Hebrew, would mean "lightning and heaven" and not "lightning from heaven." The professor also says there is no conclusive evidence that Jesus spoke to his audience exclusively in Hebrew or even in the closely related language Aramaic that was widely spoken in Palestine in Jesus' time. Jesus, according to scholars, could have spoken in Greek, the language in which much of the New Testament is written.
Some Christian leaders have warned their colleagues to be careful to avoid statements that could incite their followers against President Barack Obama. According to The Christian Post, Mark DeMoss, founder of The DeMoss Group, a Christian public relations firm, said:
“It’s one thing to be a political opponent of the president; it’s another do and say things that reflect poorly on Christ and would adversely impact our ability to witness.”
DeMoss said he was deeply bothered by a recent statement which labelled the prospects of a race between Mitt Romney and President Obama as a "Satan vs. Satan," because Romney is a Mormon (a group many evangelicals consider a "cult") and Obama is a liberal (which, in fundamentalist circles, is worse than being Mormon).
DeMoss concludes:
“I have no problem saying that I don’t agree with Barack Obama’s view of government and his policies, but he’s a good man and a good husband and a good father...A lot of Christians can’t say that.”
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