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article imageNew novel features 200-page sex scene

By Samuel Okocha     Nov 20, 2011 in Entertainment
A new novel centered on the major activities that took place in Central Europe beginning from the World War era to recent times is generating interesting reviews after the book devoted around 200 pages to unapologetic sex scenes.
Hungarian Péter Nádasis is the author of the Parallel Stories, a novel described as the 21st century version of War and Peace.
War and Peace chronicles the life of Russians during the time of the Napoleonic Wars with the author using a personal narrative to tell Russian politics and history.
In Nádas' novel however, he tells his story with independent narratives with a style that’s difficult to pinpoint.
"It’s with remarkable dexterity that Nádas splices together the political, sexual and emotional histories of two families, the Hungarian Lippay Lehrs and the German Döhrings. While theirs may be the parallel stories of the title, this is a boldly experimental novel that stubbornly refuses to follow straight lines," Thomas Marks of the Telegraph wrote in his review of the novel.
Like the title Parallel Stories suggests Nádas in this new novel tells stories that are indeed parallel to each other, a seeming style that saw him devoting 200 pages to write about sex in details like an author will do for seemingly ‘serious’ scenes.
On the 200 pages of the Parallel Stories, Mark writes: "The extensive sex scenes, both gay and straight, make for the most wearing of the novel’s postures: painful and painstakingly detailed, they are unintentionally comic."
Here is a scene from the novel as quoted by Morgan Meis of Slate:
But now, everything located between her mind and clitoris, the former stimulated by will, memories, wishes, and needs, and therefore compelled to run on parallel tracks, and the latter swelling with blood and pulsing to the rhythm of convulsing vaginal muscles, was concentrated on the single question of whether the tip of his cock would appear again and whether she would see it in its entirety.
Morgan Meis who described the characters in Nádas' novel as fully embodied wrote that ''the novel also contains politics and history and a subtle analysis of human beings living under political repression.''
Parallel Stories is not the first novel by Nádas to attract rave making reviews
His previous novel A Book of Memories was described as "the greatest novel written in our time, and one of the great books of the century," by Susan Sontag as reported in Slate.
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