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article imageVideo: Cursing baby doll causes uproar

By Kim I. Hartman     Nov 20, 2011 in Business
A talking baby doll being sold by Toy 'R' Us to holiday shoppers has parents in an uproar over what some are calling its potty mouth. The doll can be heard saying what sounds like, "you crazy bitch" and the "F word" in its pre-recorded vocabulary.
Customers are calling for the "You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls" to be pulled from shelves at the toy store after parents complained about the explicit language that the toy manufacturer claims is just gibberish.
Janet Albano, corporate spokesperson for Toys 'R' Us says what is being heard is "baby babble." Albano said, "they have not had widespread complaints about the doll although the company website has dozens of comments from people who have purchased the doll and 'heard' the vulgar language."
The toy store chain said they will continue to sell the doll unless there is a manufacturer's recall on the item. They added they will issue refunds to anyone not satisfied with the child's toy. The set of three dolls sells for $39.99 and is recommended for children ages 3 and up on the company website.
One grandmother from Boise, Idaho, said in a review of the product, "I bought these triplet dolls for my triplet granddaughters for Christmas, only to read the reviews after I purchased. The pink doll calls the other sister "You b!@#h". I am outraged these darling baby dolls in every other way, are sold by Toys R US. I for one will not shop there until they are pulled. My granddaughters are 2 1/2 and I do not want them hearing language like this."
A Florida mother, who was afraid her child would try to repeat the words, told News4, "the dolls should be burned."
A man from Ohio defended the dolls by saying, "The dolls are not cursing....its all baby talk. I have heard things come out of my 2-year-olds mouth that sounds like a curse, but know its not. Its funny when that happens....everyone laughs and laughs. But God forbid that we "think" we hear something from a doll, its fire and brimstone. Shame on you."
Watch the video's and news reports and decide for yourself. Are the dolls using profanity?
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