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article imageSNL's 'Mitt Romney' makes effort to fix candidate's boring image

By Michael Krebs     Nov 20, 2011 in Entertainment
NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' opened with an address to Republican primary voters by GOP presidential hopeful 'Mitt Romney' in a move designed to correct his image as a boring candidate.
In a recent Miami Herald report, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was depicted as shedding his stiff 2008 persona in a bid to connect with Republican primary voters.
However, his efforts may not have gone far enough.
NBC's "Saturday Night Live" offered a more direct solution, and in an appeal to the Republican Party faithful and to Independent voters, Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, offered his more loose and playful alternative personality.
"Hi there America, you know me. I'm Mitt Romney, candidate for president and the current leader in the polls for the Republican nomination," he began. "But you don't here much about me in the news, because the other candidates like Herman Cain and Rick Perry are hogging all the headlines with sex scandals and whoopsy-daisies. That''s why my staff and I decided that I was too boring. And therefore I should become fifteen to seventeen percent more edgy."
The Romney campaign website, citing the most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, put Romney at the top of the GOP field and projected his likely Republican presidential nomination. However, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich retained strong appeal in other polls and in key Republican states.
SNL's Mitt Romney unveiled a new plan: Mitt Romney, Raw and Unleashed. The new strategy seeks to position Romney's more dangerous side in an appeal to humanize the otherwise robotic candidate.
"Because just like Herman Cain, I have a whole heap of skeletons in my closet as well," SNL's Romney continued. "In fact, sometimes I open my closet and think: Is this a graveyard? Because there's so many skeletons inside."
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