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article imageNew film questions the film 'Anonymous' claims

By KJ Mullins     Nov 17, 2011 in Entertainment
The film 'Anonymous' claims that William Shakespeare was a fraud. It's not a new claim but one that has its share of controversy resulting in a reduction of showings. A new film by Ted Bacino out of Canada will look at the issue as well.
Years ago an unknown actor with questionable education became one of the most famous playwrights in history. He lived in a time that many in England were uneducated but those who did attend school were well versed in the classics. No records exist that prove one way or another that this man attended class. His parents signed documents with their mark as did his own daughters. His name was William Shakespeare.
The most recent take of the controversy behind the plays was taken from the new novel by Ted Bacino "The Shakespeare Conspiracy". The film was produced by the Motion Picture Hall of Fame Corporation and Barone Films. This film also claims to show who the real Shakespeare was stating that the facts and persons in the movie are historically accurate.
Questions about Shakespeare have been around for decades. Many questioned how a little known actor was able to turn out plays that would capture audiences from centuries. The actor Shakespeare was virtually unknown other than by the gentry whose horses he held while they enjoyed the theatre.
In "The Shakespeare Conspiracy" it is claimed that Christopher Marlowe was the pen behind the plays instead of Edward de Vere which the film "Anonymous" claims.
Christopher Marlow was one of the biggest poets in England at the time of his death.
Marlowe was scheduled to appear before the Privy Council for treason in 1593. He was facing death for his charges. Days before he was due in court he was "murderer" by friends over a tab in a pub outside of London. He was then "buried" in an unmarked grave-one that has never been located. Despite Marlowe's fame no one was punished for his murder. In fact the man in question was absolved by the Queen and went to work for Sir Thomas Walsingham, patron to Marlowe.
Shortly after his death an unknown actor became to put out plays. That actor was named Shakespeare.
The theory is that Marlowe was not murdered but lived in hiding using Shakespeare as his front. What's most surprising is that plays penned by Shakespeare appeared for years after the actor died. Fourteen plays in fact.
When you look at Shakespeare's plays you see lines that were identical to lines of Marlowe's work. There are also references to works by Marlowe in some of the plays. Litery scholars from the past like Dr. Thomas Corwin Mendenhall and Thomas Merriam found that it appeared that Marlowe was the pen of the plays. The fact that Marlowe was thought to be dead at the time the plays were written though made this research be categorized as inconclusive.
Who was the real Shakespeare? It is doubtful that we will ever know the truth. The players in this mystery are all long dead. Whoever penned the scripts was an amazing writer. His stories have remained as current today as when they were written. One only has to look at Romeo and Juliet and the various modern takes on the film like West Side Story to observe that the past is the present is the past.
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