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article imageNew Jersey teacher caught on tape bullying student

By Leigh Goessl     Nov 16, 2011 in World
Sewell - In New Jersey a teacher has been caught bullying a student on tape. In this case a student at Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, N.J. used his cellphone to tape his teacher.

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When the tape was exposed, it showed the teacher using offensive language and bullying the student in class in front of other students. He had taped his teacher to prove what had been transpiring in the classroom.
Purportedly, no one believed 15-year-old Julio Artuz when he said he was bullied at school by his teacher; even his parents did not believe it reports NBC News 10. The teacher in question is a special education teacher in the Bankbridge Regional High School.
When no one believed what was happening Julio Artuz took matters into his own hands to get proof to show that he was being bullied in the classroom. The tape clearly shows behavior on the teacher's part singling out Julio and calling him out in front of other students using techniques far removed from conventional approaches.
The shocking video includes the teacher belittling Julio, using profanity and threats. The taping starts,
Student: "Don't call me special"
Teacher: "What? Oh my God. Fu**ing...Just what do you think you're here for? What does the title on the front of that school say? Special education."
Student: "Don't call me special"
Teacher: "What would you like me to call you Jules?"
Student: "Normal! Just don't call me special."
The teacher is using hand gestures in the video, and tells his student that he'll say whatever he wants to, and after Julio says when he gets out of "this school you ain't going to be calling me special no more." With that the teacher said, "You know what Jules, I will kick you’re a** from here to kingdom come until I'm 80 years old."
Jules then told the teacher not to threaten him, and the instructor replied "What are you going to do?"
The interaction gets more hostile with the teacher moving closer to the student, leaning over him as his voice grows louder. NBC's Harry Hairston asked the 15-year-old how this treatment made him feel, in which he replied, “It makes me feel like I’m trash."
Julio's father spoke to the teacher and was told that this was his way of "motivating his students," but then quickly changed the story and said he was sorry; that he [the teacher] had been having a hard time at home with his wife and he didn't mean what he'd said to Julio.
The teacher did not respond to NBC News' attempts to contact, and the school would not do an interview, however did provide the network with a statement after the segment aired.
Superintendent Michael Dicken said,
"Our school district takes all bullying, harassment, and intimidation allegations seriously. We do not tolerate it. The safety and well being of our students is our first and foremost concern. It is of particular concern when an allegation is made against a teacher. We take great pride in maintaining a healthy, safe and secure educational environment for our students. Immediately, upon notification of a complaint we followed the steps as established by the Board of Education policy for HIB. The actions depicted on the video do not reflect the mission or culture of our school. My comments are constrained by policy regarding personnel and student records."
The teacher in question is reportedly out on paid administrative leave.
NBC highlighted another case which aired on The Today Show. The piece showed the story of a 14-year-old special needs student who attended Miami Trace Middle School in Washington Courthouse, Ohio and was subjected to bullying.
The girl told her father she was being bullied at school, but what he didn't realize, at first, was the bullying was being done by her teacher and the classroom's teacher aide. Once the father realized the harassment was coming from teachers, he brought it to the attention of the school, and administrators said his daughter was lying. So, he fitted her with a tape recorder, hidden under her clothing. For four days recordings caught "a series of abusive and cutting remarks from a teacher and a teacher's aide."
The teacher aide has lost her job and the classroom teacher was given anti-bullying training, but eventually was placed on unpaid suspension.
In this case another boy has come forward and said he was bullied in the Miami Trace Middle School classroom as well.
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