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article imageSimilar YouTube cat videos get fur flying on the Internet

By Susanne Jones     Nov 16, 2011 in Entertainment
Toronto - Catvertising is the ultimate Internet kitty video, an ad agency's spoof about a company that has devoted itself entirely to felines. But a couple of months earlier YouTube gave the world Kittywood, a parody of a cat video movie studio.
Both are a cat-video lover's dream, but the folks behind Kittywood think Catvertising is treading on its, er, paws, by pushing similar buttons.
Catvertising was the creation of the Toronto, Ontario, ad agency John St., and the company behind these furry frolics says it's mere coincidence that the two videos share similar content. Like Kittywood, which features a brainstorming session around a writers' boardroom table on how to dominate the world market of Internet cat videos, Catvertising also has an ad agency creative staff saying they've decided to open a branch that's featuring all cats, all the time.
Says the Huffington Post about the new Catvertising parody, "We wouldn't be too surprised if an agency like this really did exist. And oh, to visit those offices."
St. John uploaded the video on Nov. 10 and, since then, it' had nearly 500,000 hits by press time. According to Mashable , it comes "complete with fake statistics from 'Mark Zuckerberg' on how cat videos will comprise 75 percent of online content by next year."
But YouTube viewers know their cat videos, and hundreds have pointed out the similarities to Kittywood, which has been now had close to 570,000 hits since it was uploaded on Aug. 10.
John St. calls it an "honest coincidence" in a post from the agency, but admits to being able to view similarities. "Maybe we should partner up for cat domination."
Kittywood director Joe Nicolosi, a filmmaker from Austin, Texas, asks on a post on Reddit: "What can I do other than call them copycats?"
Nicolosi rejects the possibility of a lawsuit, telling Mashable: "I have no plans to take any sort of legal action against anyone, hopefully ever. That seems like such a negative way to go." He adds, "Anyone putting that much work into video does research; you go out and find similar videos and figure out where yours fits in. I've done it with every film I've ever made. Kittywood doesn't have a million hits, but it has enough that you'd find it pretty fast."
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